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The fastest holdens speed limit is 455!!!

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Q: What is the fastest Holdens speed limit?
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What are facts about holdens?

that their the fastest cars on earth

If traffic is faster than the speed limit resist going the speed of?

The fastest vehicle.

What is the fastest speed you can go in Belgium while obeying the speed limit?

i think they have, in some areas, a no speed limit. but you cant drive recklessly though.

Is light the fastest speed in the world?

Yes it is.Becuse it is the upper limit of speed, i dont know the reason.

What is the fastest you should drive in 4 wheel drive?

Whatever the speed limit is.

What is the fastest speed limit in the US?

On public highways in Texas, they are considering raising it to 80mph.

How much may you go OVER the speed limit to pass another vehicle in California?

Speed LIMIT means exactly that. That is the fastest speed you are allowed to travel under perfect road conditions. No state allows you to exceed the speed limit to pass another vehicle.

How fast can you drive a car?

If your on public roads you can drive at any speed up to the speed limit for the road your on provided it is safe to do so. In the UK the fastest speed limit is 70 mph on most motorways and duel carriageway's.

Why do you measure distance in the universe in light years?

It's the fastest speed anyone can prove exists. Any speeds in excess of light speed are still just theory. Some scientists believe it is the fastest speed that will ever be achievable.( a cosmic speed limit.)

On a new york state highway where there is no posted speed limit the fastest you may legally drive is?

30 mph

What is the fastest speed that there is?

You yourself do not have a speed limit of any kind. Everything else in the universe has the maximum speed of: Your Speed + the Speed of Light. However it is impossible to determine your own speed because there is no stationary point of reference in the universe.

Is there a highway in the us that does not have a speed limit?

No. Currently the fastest speed in the US is 85 mph (the first to open at that speed is SH-130 between San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX).

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