What is the fastest keyboard?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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dvorak keyboard is fastest

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Q: What is the fastest keyboard?
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Who is super fastest typing on keyboard in the world?


What is the fastest speed of typing?

232wpm ... but it wasn't on a keyboard; it was on a typewriter. The fastest on a keyboard is 212wpm. [It's unusual how the 2 records have a like number, then a different number, then the first number repeated lol.]

What are the four basic types of keys on a keyboard?

Dvarak keyboard, Azerty keyboard, Colemak keyboard, and the QWERTY keyboard

How do you run the fastest in WolfQuest?

When you make your wolf you make the speed bar go to the top, but then your strength and stamina will be very low. If you want to know how to run just press the (Q) button on your keyboard

What are the kind of keyboard?

standard keyboard,enhanced keyboard

Is there a difference in an electric keyboard and a keyboard?

Electric keyboard usually refers to the keyboard of an electric piano. "Keyboard" is a generic word that can refer to an electric piano, an acoustic piano, a typerwriter keyboard, a computer keyboard, etc.

Parts of the keyboard?

Parts of a keyboard . Look at your keyboard then you'll find out xDD

Is their a sliding keyboard for the leg versa?

is their a sliding keyboard, or a touchscreen keyboard, or do i NEED the detachable keyboard?

List four types of keys on the computer keyboard?

list four types of keys on the computer keyboard There is the Dvorak keyboard, Colemak keyboard, Azerty keyboard, and Qwerty keyboard

Can you urinate on the keyboard?

of course you can urinate on the keyboard, it is better for the keyboard.

What is a qwerty keyboard on a phone?

its a keyboard like a keyboard for a computer

What are the Different Kinds of Keyboard?

standard keyboard,enhanced keyboard