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Quarter horses have been clocked at speed of 55 mph over short distances! They are the fastest horse breed. Thoroughbreds only reach speeds of 40mph, and other breeds can only go to 25-30mph.

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Q: What is the fastest speed a horse has ever ran?
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Should you say the horse ran faster or the horse ran fastest?

Both could be used in different situations: The horse ran fastest of all the horses in the race. The horse ran faster than all of the other horses. When the man, the horse and the dog ran, the horse ran fastest. The horse ran faster than the man and the dog.

What horse ran the fastest time at the preakness?

SECRETARIAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best horse ever he holds all records at the Kentucky derby and at the preekness and by 2 second at the belmont he is the best horse ever

What horse ran the fastest Kentucky Derby?


What horse ran the fastest time ever in the preakness?

Secretariat is now credited with the official fastest Preakness Stakes time: 1:53, as of June 2012

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

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The fastest quarter mile ever ran was set by Michael Johnson with a time on 43.18 seconds

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The fastest speed that a human being has ran is 27.28 mph or 43.90 kph. This was run by Usain Bolt in the fastest consecutive races. Speed is down to the muscle tone and fitness as examples.

What is the fastest race horse ever and what was the speed?

Secretariat was able to reach a top speed of 49 mph.This is not really a question that can be answered. Different races have different distances and are run over different types of tracks (grass or dirt) under different conditions. Technically you consider the speed of a horse by how fast he runs a race not the speed at which he runs which varies over the course of the race. There are too many variables that make this question impossible to answer.There are different records for each race so it is possible to find what horse ran di. For example the record for the fastest Kentucky Derby ever ran was set by Secretariat in 1973 and is 1 min 59 secs 40 hundredths.Some of the fastest horses that ever raced are Man O' War and Secretariat are considered to be two of the fastest racehorses of all time.

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