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374 mph

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Q: What is the fastest speed ever recorded for an F1 car?
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Fastest non production car?

The Thrust SSC is the worlds fastest car with a recorded speed of 1,228km/h(763mph).

What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a F1 car?

I think a F1 car has reached 248 miles per hour before, i think its Mercedes! I am not sure.

The speed of the fastest police car recorded?

The Dubai police have a Lamborghini Aventador.

What was the top speed of the first car ever inveted?

7mph was the first speed ever recorded for a Car. Answeered by Car/Formula One Genius

What is the fastest speed a car has ever reached?

2100mph by the concept supel steller.

Where was the fastest car made?

The fastest car ever made is the German masterpiece the Bugatti Veyron reaching a top speed of 267mph !! :D

Fastest car ever recorded?

brabus tkr 270miles per hour =ANSWER= Thrust SST exceeded the speed of sound on the Black ROck desert and still holds the record.

What is the fastest car ever made by ford motor company?

When you say fastest what are you referring to? Fastest top speed, fastest 1/4 mile, fastest 0-60 time?

Which car has 1500 kph speed?

No car has ever run at a speed of 1500 kph (932 mph). The fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron which has a top speed of 431 kph (267 mph). The fastest car ever built was the Thrust SSC with a top speed achieved of 1232 kph (766 mph) in 1997. It was powered by 2 jet engines.

How fast do the cars at the Indianapolis go?

The fastest lap ever recorded for an Indy Car was 237.498 mph, one lap. The fastest lap for a NASCAR car was 186.2 mph.

How fast can a racing car get?

The fastest recorded speed of a Formula 1 car during a race was 369.9 km/h (229.8 mph)

Slowest speed ever recorded by a car?

1mph? I'm just guessing lol..................................................................................

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