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the fastest serve was 153 miles an hour

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Q: What is the fastest volleyball serve ever recorded?
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How fast does a volleyball serve go?

the fastest ever was 153 miles an hour but the average in professional volleyball is around 110

What is the fastest racquetball serve ever?

The fastest racquetball serve was recorded by Egan Inoue. He served it at 191 miles per hour.

Fastest recorded service speed of a tennis ball?

The fastest ever serve recorded; 251 Km/h, was by Ivo Karlovic.

What is the fastest ever recorded serve at Wimbledon who served it and when?

i think it is greg rusedski with a 239.8 km/h

What is the Fastest Tennis second Serve Ever?

The fastest second serve ever recorded was accomplished on August 3rd 2007 by 14th seeded player Ivo Karlovic of Croatia, otherwise known as 'The King of Aces'. The second serve was an astonishing 144 miles per hour (232 km/h), the fastest second serve on record.

What is the speed of the fastest women's tennis serve ever recorded?

Venus Williams holds the record with a serve of 204 km/h at the French Open in 2007

What is the speed of the fastest men's tennis serve ever recorded?

The record for the fastest ace is held by Ivo Karlovic who served a 156 mph (~251 km/h).

Was it ever legal to block a serve in volleyball?


What is the speed of the fastest men's tennis serve ever recorded on clay?

Andy Roddick 153 mph June 11 2004

What is the fastest serve ever recorded in the Wimbledon championships?

The fastest every recorded tennis forehand was by Gael Monfils, who cracked a 120 mph winner down the line at the 2007 Australian Open.

What female tennis player has the fastest serve ever recorded?

For a long time the record for the fastest serve ever recorded by a female tennis player was 129.2 miles per hour by Venus Williams. However, that record was just broken on July 31,2014 by Sabine Lisicki. She served one 131 miles per hour.

What is the fastest recorded speed ever on skeleton?

the fastest speed ever is 12874.97 mph