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The fewest number of triangles that make up a trapezoid are two isosceles triangles.

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Q: What is the fewest number of triangles that make up a trapezoid?
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Related questions

What can you make with 3 triangles?

You can make a trapezoid with three triangles

Can you make a trapezoid with triangles?

Yes, you can but it take 3 triangles.

What shapes make a trapezoid?

rhombuses, triangles

What shapes can 2 triangles make?


How do you make a critter out of three triangles a square and a trapezoid?

put the triangles upside own under neathe the square the make the trapezoid the head the last triangles the ears

What is the least amount of triangles to make a trapezoid?

Two Isosceles triangles.__ ^/ / / |/ / / |V --

How many triangles are needed to make a trapezoid?

it is two 2If they're shaped appropriately, then it only takes two triangles to make a trapezoid.

How many rhombuses and triangles make a trapezoid?

1 rhombus 4-5 triangles

How do you make a trapezoid into 3 equal parts?

Make it into three triangles.

What 4 identical shapes make a triangle?

4 Triangles A trapezoid makes 3 triangles. The 4th triangle can be placed on the top of the trapezoid.

What 3 pattern blocks make up an trapezoid?

Three triangles could make a trapezoid that looks like this. ---------------- ( ) ( ) ( ) --------------------------

What figures can be put together to make a trapezoid?

three triangles, and 1 square+2 triangles

What three shapes shapes can be put together to make a trapezoid?

Three triangles.

What shape does three triangles side by side make?

a weird trapezoid

What does two triangles and a trapezoid make?

It looks like bull horns to me

How can you make a trapezoid with 3 partern blocks?

Three equilateral triangles.

What three shapes can be put together to make a trapezoid?

three triangles

What two shapes make a trapizoid?

A trapezoid has 2 triangles within it.

Can a triangle and a trapezoid make a hexagon?

How can a you make a hexagon using a trapozid and 2 triangles

What shapes make up a trapezoid?

um triangles becauc if u draw a trapezoid and u draw a line from the top right corner to the botton left corner, then you have triangles

If you cut a trapezoid into 3 equal parts what shapes would it make?

it make 3 triangles

Can to triangles make up trapezoid?

No & Yes. Three triangles can: 2 obtuse, and 1 acute.\ Although, 2 cannot!

Do the diagonals of a trapezoid bisect each other?

No, never. A trapezoid may have diagonals of equal length (isosceles trapezoid), but they do not intersect at their midpoints.Draw the diagonals of a trapezoid, for example, an isosceles trapezoid, thereby creating 4 triangles inside the trapezoid. Now assume the diagonals do bisect each other. The congruent corresponding sides of the top and bottom triangles with the included vertical angle would make the triangles congruent by the side-angle-side theorem. But this is a contradiction since the respective bases of the triangles, forming the top and bottom of the trapezoid are, of course, not equal. Therefore, the triangles cannot be congruent. Hence, we have given proof by contradiction that diagonals in a trapezoid cannot bisect each other.

If you cut a trapezoid into 3 equal parts what pattern block shapes did you make?

3 equalateral triangles

How do 5 triangles 1 square and 1 trapezoid make a triangle?

The answer will depend on the exact shapes of the individual items.