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The fifth triangle number, known as T5 is 15.

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Q: What is the fifth triangle number?
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What is the sum of row five in pascal's triangle?

The Fifth row of Pascal's triangle has 1,4,6,4,1. The sum is 16.

What is the fifth triangular number?

The fifth triangular number is 15

Is fifth an ordinal or a cordinal number?

fifth is an ordinal number!!!!

What is the fifth perfect number?

The fifth perfect number is 33,550,336.

Is fifth a ordinal number or a cardinal?

'Fifth' is the ordinal number of the cardinal number 5.

Triangle number of 28?

28 is a triangle number. The 28th triangle number is 406.

What is the triangle number of 13?

13 is not a triangle number. The 13th triangle number is 91.

Is a fifth a cardnal or ordinal number?

Fifth is ordinal.

What postulates does the triangle sum theorem rely on?

It is Euclid's fifth or parallel postulate.

What is the sum of fifth row of Pascals triangle?

The Fifth row of Pascal's triangle has 1,4,6,4,1. The sum is 16. Formula 2n-1 where n=5 Therefore 2n-1=25-1= 24 = 16.

How do you add 1 fifth to a number?

-- To add one fifth to a number, add 0.2 to it. -- To find a new number that is one fifth bigger than the original number, multiply the original number by 1.2 .

Can 100 be a triangle number?

No. Triangle numbers are a fixed set of numbers that can't be altered to make one certain number turn into a triangle number.

Is fifth an ordinal or caradinal number?

'Fifth' (5th) is ordinal.

Is Fifth is a Ordinal or Carninal Number?

'Fifth' is the ordinal word form for 5, which is a cardinal number.

Why is 10 called a triangular number?

A triangular number or triangle number counts the objects that can form an equilateral triangle. 10 objects can be formed into an equilateral triangle.

Is the area of one triangle a rational number or an irrational number Explain.?

The area of a triangle can be a rational number or an irrational number depending on its dimensions.

What is the routing number for fifth third bank?

fifth thirdd babnk routing number in kalamazoo mi

What is the Number of sides on an isosceles triangle?

A triangle has 3 sides.

Is 144 a square and triangle number?

Square, yes. Triangle, no.

What number is a fifth of 5?

A fifth of 5 = 5/5 = 1

Is a fifth a cardnal or a ordinal number?

'Fifth' is the ordinal form of 'five'

What is the Nth term for a triangle number?

The Nth term for a triangle number is: 0.5n(n+1)

What is the number of obtuse angles in a right triangle?

the number of obtuse angle in a right triangle is zer0

What is the fewer number of right angles a triangle have?

The fewest number of right angles in a triangle is zero.

I have a Number if one fifth of your number is 8 what is your number?