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its an angle

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Q: What is the figure formed by two rays that meet at the same point?
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What is a figure formed by two rays that meet at a common end point?

An angle.

What is formed when light rays meet at a point?

Virtual imAge

What is a figure formed by 2 rays with the same end point?


What is a figure formed by two rays with a common end point?

A triangle.

A figure formed by two rays that begin at the same point?

an angle

What kind of image is formed when light rays meet?

REAL image. If light rays diverge and as we extend back to meet at a point then the image would be termed as virtual.

When is the image said to be real or virtual image?

An image is called real if the light rays coming from a point(point on object) meet at a point after reflection or refraction. An image is virtual if the light rays do not actually meet after reflection or refraction. These rays appear to come from a point which is the point where we say virtual image is formed.

Figure formed by two rays?


What is formed by intersection of 2 rays measured in degrees?

An angle is formed when two rays meet.

What figure formed by six rays?

A ray is a line that begins at a point and goes away from it forever and ever.If two of these rays share the same starting point, it is called a vertex.What figure would look like a point with 2 rays going in different directions be called?You're looking at an angle.

How does an image form on lenses?

Images are formed when rays of light meet. If rays are refracted by different amounts as they pass through different parts of the lens, they may be brought to a focus - or meet and pass through one point. This is where the image is formed.

The figure formed by two rays from an endpoint is an?


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