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Grace The rule for dividing decimals is: dad: divide mom: multiply sister: subtract brother: Bring down Rover: Repeat

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How is dividing decimals and dividing whole numbers the same?

If you are making use of long division method, the process of dividing a whole number is actually a subset of the process of dividing the decimals. While dividing both you may get a quotient with decimal places. Some exceptions to this do exist in case of whole numbers. Like when you are dividing 100 by 2, the quotient 50 has no decimal places.

What is the rule for dividing decimals by whole numbers?

Grace Caldelas: The rule is: Dad: divide Mom: multiply Sister: subtract Brother: bring down Rover: Repeat

How is dividing decimals different than dividing whole numbers?

in dividing decimals you never get a remainder and in dividing whole numbers you do. +++ More to the point perhaps, you are working in powers of 10 all the time.

Where would you put the remainder if you were dividing decimals?

By the time you advance to the point of dividing decimals, you don't use remainders any more.

Why is there no such thing as a remainder when dividing decimals?

because you can always add a 0 when using decimals

How do you make fractions to decimals?

by dividing the numerator by the denominator

How do you turn frsctions into decimals?

By dividing the numerator by the denominator

How do you check your answers with decimals?

You multiplie the number you were dividing by with the answer.

What do you do when there is a remainder when your dividing decimals?

add a zero to the end (only if it'safter the decimal) and continue dividing

What is the rule when adding decimals?

keep your decimals in the right position

What is the rule for decimals?

There are several rules for decimals, depending on what you want to do.

How can you dividing decimals in your life?

money is decimals, 5 items cost 2.40. what is the cost of one item?

How do accountants use decimals?

Accountants use decimals by simply dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. One does not need to be an accountant to use decimals.

How are decimals used as a carpenter?

adding subtracting multiplying and dividing

What are the steps in dividing decimals?

a proportion is an equation written in the form

What is the rule for add decimals?

Just make sure you line up the decimals

What is the rule for dividing integers?

When dividing numbers that are different the answer will be negative.

Is 111 a multiple of 36?

Try dividing it! If you get an integer result (no decimals), then it is a multiple.

How is dividing decimals similar to dividing whole numbers?

In that you carry out exactly the same steps - AND you must determine the correct position of the decimal point.

How do accountants use fractions?

Accountants typically convert fractions to decimals. They do this by dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. Decimals are easier to work with in accounting.

How can you check your answer when you are dividing decimals?

Do it multiple times, and check it with a calculator multiple times also

Why does the answer get smaller when multiplying decimals less than 1?

When you multiply a number by a decimal you are dividing.

What is the step of dividing decimals by decimals?

Eradicate the decimal point by moving it to the right as for example 7.5 divided by 2.5 is the same as 75 divided by 25 which equals 3

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