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If you are making use of long division method, the process of dividing a whole number is actually a subset of the process of dividing the decimals. While dividing both you may get a quotient with decimal places. Some exceptions to this do exist in case of whole numbers. Like when you are dividing 100 by 2, the quotient 50 has no decimal places.

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When we divide whole numbers, we get the answer with no decimals places but when we divide decimals, the answer will have decimals for the quotient.

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Q: How is dividing decimals and dividing whole numbers the same?
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How is dividing decimals similar to dividing whole numbers?

In that you carry out exactly the same steps - AND you must determine the correct position of the decimal point.

What are decimals real numbers natural numbers integers or whole numbers?

Decimals are real numbers. Furthermore, integers and whole numbers are the same thing.

What is the meaning of dividing integers?

It is the same thing as dividing whole numbers in order to find a quotient.

How can you estimate sums or differences of decimals?

In the same way as you estimate them for whole numbers.

What is the same between whole numbers and decimals?

They are all numbers and obey the same rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation etc.

How do you add decimals with different signs?

Same rules as adding whole numbers with different signs.

How is adding decimals like adding whole numbers?

It can be same because it,s just the decimal

How do you order decimals least to greatest?

You order decimals from least to greatest by looking at the whole number and seeing which whole number is bigger. If the whole numbers are the same you look in the tenths place and see

How is dividing a decimal by a whole number similar to dividing a whole number by a whole number?

Division is the same whether you use whole numbers or decimals. You could make the decimal into a whole number. Look at an example 35 ÷ 0.25 which can be written as 35/0.25 Next multiply top and bottom by the same number to get rid of the decimal. This becomes 3500/25 or 3500 ÷ 25, and then you can continue division in the usual way.

How do you get the average for three numbers tha contain decimals?

Exactly the same way you do when they're all whole numbers, or there are more than three numbers, or they're a mixture of whole numbers and decimals: -- Add up all the numbers on the list. -- Divide the big sum by the number of items on the list.

How do you do the Pythagoras theorem with decimals?

You answer it the same as when you would work it out with whole numbers. • a^2+b^2=c^2

When do you need to write zero as a placeholder when adding and subtracting decimals?

Adding decimal same as adding whole numbers

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