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VRMS = 1/N Times Square root of [ sum(Vn2) ]

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Q: What is the formula for calculating root mean square velocity?
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What is the meaning of root mean square velocity?

Root mean square velocity is the measure of the velocity of gas particles that is used for solving problems. It is the square root of the average velocity-squared of the molecules in a gas. The formula for root mean square velocity is sqrt(3RT/Mm) where Mm is the molar mass of the gas in kg / mole, R is the gas constant, and T is the temperature in kelvin.

What is root mean square velocity?

For an object moving at a variable velocity you:calculate the square of the velocityfind its mean valuecalculate its square root.If the velocity is constant then the RMS velocity has the same value.

What is the formula for calculating ASR?

by ASR do you mean Area Specific Resistance?

What are the types of molecular velocities?

Most probable velocity average velocity root mean square velocity

What is the geometric sequencing formula?

I expect that you mean the formula for calculating the terms in a geometric sequence. Please see the link.

What is molecular velocity in chem?

Molecular velocity is defined as the velocity of a each molecule in a certain sample of gas. It can be expressed by means of root-mean-square velocity, average velocity and most probable velocity.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow show formula?

What do you mean, an African or a European Swallow

Calculate velocity of a gas?

Gas velocity involves the variables of system temperature and molar mass of its molecules. Simplified, the velocity as a root-mean-square equals the square root of two-times the kinetic energy divided by molecular mass.

The average kinetic energy of the molecules in an object is what law of thermodynamics?

The root mean square of the velocity.

Formula of parameter square?

I believe you mean perimeter. Perimeter(square) = 4*length of one side.

What is the formula for resistive index renal?

The PI and the RI were calculated as:PI=(PSV-MDV)/MVandRI=(PSV-MDV)/PSVwhere PSV=peak systolic velocity, MDV=minimum diastolic velocity, and MV=mean velocity (time averaged velocity).

Calculating var through mean and standard deviation?

Assuming var is variance, simply square the standard deviation and the result is the variance.

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