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The frequency distribution usually refers to empirical measurement and there is no formula for finding it. You simply count the number of times an observation falls within a given range.

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Q: What is the formula in finding the frequency distribution?
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What is the formula for finding probabilities?

The formula for finding probability depends on the distribution function.

What is the formula for finding the frequency of a wave?

Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) or Frequency = (1) divided by (period of the wave)

What is the difference of finding average from raw data and from frequency distribution?

Finding the average from the raw data requires a lot more calculations. By using frequency distributions you reduce the number of calculations.

What is the formula for finding wave speed?

wave speed = frequency x wavelength

What is derived frequency distribution?

It is derived frequency distribution. XD

How do you find the relative frequency from a frequency distribution table?

show the relative frequency distribution

What is the difference of frequency distribution and relative frequency distribution?

A frequency distribution lists each value in the distribution and the number times it appears, while a relative frequency distribution reports the proportion of cases reporting each value

What is the cumulative column frequency distribution table?

Cumulative Frequency is The total of a frequency and all frequencies so far in a frequency distribution. It is the 'running total' of frequencies in the frequency distribution table.

What are the disadvantages of frequency distribution in points?

What are the disadvantages of frequency distribution tables

Can frequency distribution contain qualitative data?

frequency distribution contain qualitative data

What is the name for a relative frequency distribution shown by heights?

Are you talking about a histogram of the relative frequency distribution.

Is the cummulative frequency distribution a relative frequency distribution expressed in absolute numbers?

in form of percent

What are the importance of frequency distribution tables?

What are the importance of frequency

What is simple frequency distribution table?

The frequency distribution table lists all the possible events and how many times (frequency) they occurred.

How is a frequency distribution converted to a relative frequency distribution?

The relative frequency of a class is the frequency of the class divided by the total number of frequencies of the class and is generally expresses as a percentage.

What is the most usual kind of frequency distribution?

binominal distribution

What are the parts of a frequency distribution table?

In a frequency distribution table, there are usually five parts/columns (12th grade statistics):class, frequency, mid-point, relative frequency, and cumulative frequency.

What is the sum of proportions computed from a frequency distribution have to equal?

The sum of proportions computed from a frequency distribution must equal

Why relative frequency distribution better than frequency distribution?

Not all statisticians would agree that the statement is true.

What is the difference between frequency distribution and relative frequency distribution?

Frequency distribution refers to a set of frequencies with a particular set of values into which a statistical population is grouped. Relative frequency refers to data presented in a table that demonstrates the relative frequency of multiple non-overlapping classes.

What graph describe the frequency distribution of categorical variable?

what is chi-square test of 2X2 table,what we choose for yates correction formula

Branch of science which deals with frequency and distribution of diseases is called?

Epidemiology is the branch of science that deals with the frequency and distribution of diseases

In a frequency distribution what is the number of observation in a class called?

Class Frequency

What is the advantage of relative frequency distribution vs distribution frequency?

These help to distribute the frequency much better than the latter. The noise might not be as loud or boisterous this way.

What is cumulative percent?

Cumulative percentage is another way of expressing frequency distribution. It calculates the percentage of the cumulative frequency within each interval, much as relative frequency distribution calculates the percentage of frequency.