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For metric, use mm - For English, use Inches

English Example:

[ 1inch / (thickness of nut) ] x (number of turns for the bolt to get through the nut )

typical numbers are 18, 24, and 32.


(thickness of nut in mm) / (number of turns for the bolt to get through the nut)

typical numbers are 1, 1.25, 1.5, and 2.

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Q: What is the formula to calculate pitch of a hexagonal nut?
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What is the formula to design a hexagonal nut and bolts from a hexagonal or round bar?

To design a hexagonal nut and bolt from a hexagonal or round bar, your answer depends on whether you are using English or Metric. For metric, you will use millimeters. For English, you will inches.

What does a hexagonal nut driver do?

It is a tool - similar to a screwdriver only it has a socket on the end

What does an equilateral hexagon look like?

A hexagonal nut has the shape of an equilateral hexagon

How many faces a hexagonal nut have?

It have six (as in hexagonal) around the edge, a top and bottom face and the hole in the middle with the thread. So it have 8 faces.

What size is S10 steering wheel nut?

Mine is a 14mm nut 1.5mm pitch.

How do you calculate spanner size for nut?

How to calculate spanner size regarding bolts and nuts

What is chemical formula for soap nut powder?

it has no chemical formula. it is a mixture. only compounds have a chemical formula.

What is a hex wrench?

what the hex a wrench? Hex wrench is short for hexagonal wrench, that is a wrench or spanner designed to fit a certain size nut or bolt.

Where are the temp sensors on 2000 Bonneville 3.8?

On the right side of the engine block, there is a single wire leading to it. Look for the hexagonal nut holding the sensor unit.

How do you calculate a small irregular object like a nut or bolt?

By using a micrometer

Why metal nuts are made hexagonal type?

Because they are easier to make, a hexagonal bar can be held in a self centering 3 jaw chuck of a capstan lathe. Also they allow a spanner to to be put on them in 6 positions instead of 4 as with a square nut, making it easier to tighten or loosen them in a confined space.

What is the definition of nut?

A nut is a fruit with a hard or leathery shell enclosing an edible Kernel, or a hexagonal metal block with a female screw thread inside it. A nut can also refer to a) slang for a mentally diseased person. b) some kinds of edible dried seeds, such as almonds. c) a tool to secure oneself during rock climbing