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To divide by a percentage, multiply the dividend by 100 and divide by the percentage value. For example,37 / 15% = 37 * 100 / 15

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Q: What is the formula to divide by percentages?
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What is the formula to work out percentages?

To calculate X, as a percentage of Y, divide (100*X) by Y.

Can you take four percentages divide by four to get an average of the four percentages?

Yes add the 4 percentages together then divide them by 4 to obtain the average percentage

How do you average 2 percentages?

Add the 2 percentages together, then divide by 2.

How do you divide decimals into percentages?

Divide a decimal by 0.01 to get an equivalent percentage.

How do you explain how to change percentages to fractions?

To change percentages into fractions, you simply divide by 100.

How do you calculate percentages into fractions?

Divide the percentage value by 100.

What is the formula to calculate average of percents?

The formula to calculate the average of percentage: (Percentage 1 + Percentage 2 + ... + Percentage n) / n Percentage 1, Percentage 2, ..., Percentage n are the individual percentages n is the number of percentages For example, if you have the following percentages: 30% 25% 15% The average percentage would be calculated as follows: (30% + 25% + 15%) / 3 = 25%

How do you figure percentages?

There are a few different ways you can figure percentages. Most people will usually divide what they have by what would be considered whole and multiply that by 100.

How do you average percent?

Add the total of the percentages toegether then divide it by the number of results.

How do you write percentages as a fraction or mixed number?

Divide the percentage value by 100.

What other information is required to know whether a formula is both empirical and molecular?

We need to know the elements contained in this molecule and the percentages.

Mathematical crossword puzzles of ninth class?

Making a crossword for ninth grade, or for your class, is not too difficult. You can use words such as scale, data, unit, conversion, average, formula, conversion, divide, and percentages.