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frequency = wave speed / wavelength

Wave length equals phase speed divided by frequency. So let L be length, S be speed and F be frequency. We usually use letters such as lamda, but L will work.

L=S/F so FL=S and F=S/L. The frequency is the phase speed divided by the wave length.

If it is an electromagnetic wave in a vacuum, then velocity is approximately 3 x 108 meters/second

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Q: What is the formula to find the frequency of a wave?
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What is the formula to find the wave length?

Wavelength = velocity / frequency

Formula for frequency of a wave?

frequency = (wave speed)/(wavelength) frequency = 1/(period)

What is the formula to find amplitude and speed of waves?

-- Speed of a wave = (frequency) times (wavelength) -- There is no general formula for amplitude.

What is the formula for wave speed with period included?

1/frequency of wave

Formula to find frequency?

It depends on what information you have: whether you know the wave function or you know the speed and wavelength.

What is the formula for finding the frequency of a wave?

The wavelength of a wave is calculated using the formula: Wavelength = speed of the wave divided by the frequency of the wave. For radio waves and other wireless signals as well as the speed a signal travels along a wire, the speed of the wave is approximately 299,792,458 meters per second (the speed of light).

What is the formula find time period?

The formula to find the time period (T) of a wave is: T = 1 / frequency (f). Time period is the amount of time it takes for one complete cycle of a wave to pass a given point.

What is the formula of wave velocity?

velocity = frequency / wavelength, I believe.

How is wave length determined for a longitudinal wave?

You can find it the same way you would for most other waves, with the formula of v=fλ (velocity = frequency x wavelength)

What is the formula to find the wavelength of a wave in a vacuum?

The wave speed equation proposes that: v = fw; where "v" is the wave's velocity, "f" is the wave's frequency, and "w" (more notably used as lambda) is the wave's wavelength. Manipulating the equation and solving for wavelength yields: w = v/f. Thus, if one knows both the velocity and frequency of a wave, he/she can divide velocity by frequency to determine the corresponding wave's wavelength.

What is the equation used to find the speed of a wave?

Here is an equation that relates three quantities of any wave: speed = frequency x wavelength. However, I am pretty sure that usually, you'll have to somehow measure the speed of the wave, instead of calculating it. In other words, you would measure the speed and the frequency, and then use the formula to calculate the wavelength; or measure the speed and wavelength, and use the formula to calculate the frequency.

What is the formula for the Universal Wave Equation?

I am pretty sure that there are many formulae for working with waves. It also depends what type of waves you are working with. One important formula, that applies to all sorts of waves, is this simple relationship: speed (of the wave) = wavelength x frequency