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For acceleration, I often use these two formulas

(if needed:

a = acceleration

vf = final velocity

vi = initial velocity)

(1) a = (vf + vi) / 2


(2) a = (vf - vi)/t

On Earth, gravity, friction, and air resistance are the main forces that slow an object down.

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Q: What is the formula used for calculating acceleration?
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What is the formula for calculating kilo newton?

Based on what information? A commonly used formula is force = mass x acceleration.

What is mathematical formula for calculating acceleration?

Acceleration=Speed1-speed2/Distance traveled

What is the Formula for calculating net acceleration?

Net acceleration = (change in velocity) divided by (time for the change)

Formula for calculating mass?

Mass = force ( weight) / acceleration due to gravity

What is the formula for calculating decceleration?

In physics, there is no "deceleration. " Using the formula for acceleration ((final velocity - initial velocity)/total time) backwards, you can solve for negative acceleration.

What is the formula in calculating time acceleration final velocity and initial velocity?

There are different formulae for calculating these variables which depend on what information is available.

Formula for calculating weight?

Weight W=mg Where W= Weight m= mass g= gravitational acceleration

What is the formula of calculating weight?

Weight of a body is calculated by using the formula, W= m.g .where m is the mass of the body andg is acceleration due to gravity.

What is the formula for calculating weight on the moon?

Mass times acceleration due to the moon's gravity. The latter is 1.622 m/s2.

What's the formula of calculating weight?

The answer depends on what information is provided. One possible answer isweight = mass * acceleration due to gravity.

What is the formula used to determine acceleration?

F=ma or a=dV/dt can be used to determine acceleration.

What is the formula that is used to find acceleration?


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