What is the forth dimention?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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The 4th dimension is believed to be time, as represented as a one-way straight line.

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Q: What is the forth dimention?
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What is the fifth dimention?

Well the fourth dimention is time. From here, we expand on the theory that a object, viewed in the 2nd dimention, is extended when viewed in the 3rd dimention. That is because we can only see the height and the the width. We cannot make out the length. When we view it from the 3rd; we can see all three lengths. Time is like the 2nd dimention. It is a single time-line. However, when we view it from the fifth dimention, we can see all other possible time lines. Such is similar.

What is the fourth dimention?


What is the 4th dimention?

the 4th dimension is time

What is glove dimention of assertive?

The yellow backpack!

What makes a pathogen a true pathogen?

The dimention

What is after the 4 dimention?

Theoretically the 5th dimension.

How many dimentions does a segment have?

it has one dimention.

How many dimensions does mercury have?

6.573 is the dimention the mercury has.

What is a geometric object that has no dimention only a location?

It is a point.

If the 4th dimention is time what is the 5th dimention?

The unification of time and space, known as spacetime is the 4th dimension in time. The eternal now is perceived as the 5th dimension in time.

How do you get to the ice dimention on Minecraft?

There is no ice dimention in Minecraft. Currently there are 3 dimensions: - The Overworld (normal world) - The Nether (hell-like world) - The End (home of the ender dragon)

What is meaning of 0x01?

It could be either a multiplication problem or a dimention.