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Q: What is the four grid reference for London?
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What is four grid reference called?

MGR4 (Map Grid Reference, 4) Four Grid Reference

What is the aim of four figure grid reference?

to be able to draw 4 figure grid reference

What is the six figure grid reference to London?

depends on the map ................

What are the disadvantages to four figure grid reference?

The disadvantages of four figure grid references are 1 grid reference is 10 2 is 10 3 is 30 and 4 goes to 400..

What is the four figure grid reference for rome?


What is the four figure grid reference for Paris?


How do you Change a six figure map reference into 4?

say the grid reference was 038441 the four grid referecne would be 0344 which is taking of the 3rd and last number

What is the four figure grid reference of old Harry rocks?

a 4 figure grid refrence of old harry rock

How do you explain a grid reference?

A grid reference is a reference on a map. It refers to the indication of a location, as abbreviated by numbers, letters, or both.

What is the difference between an area reference and a grid reference?

The difference between and area and grid reference is that an area reference always has 4 numbers, and a grid reference will always have 6 numbers

What is the map grid reference for Paris?

Grid reference letter A with an arrow above. Second part of grid reference is an arrow pointing to the right of line the left of it.

What does a grid on a map look like?

a grid on a map is like a chart where one side should be numbers and the other side should be letters. like for the question what is located at g4? go to g and over four, and go to four and down four.