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well you know how to add it so just subtract the the same way!

~ Samantha a fourth grader

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Q: What is the fraction eight-ninths minus one-tenth?
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What is the fraction of -0.001?

The fraction -0.001 is minus a thousandth.

What is the fraction out of 8 erasers minus 3 erasers?

8 erasers minus 3 erasers is 5 erasers, which is an integer, not a fraction.

What is minus two as a fraction?


What is onetenth take away from one?

1 - 1/10 = 9/10

What is 37 minus the fraction five over eight?

37 minus 5/8 = 363/8

What is the fraction for 48 minus 18?


4 and 7 8 fraction minus 3 and 3 4?

The result obtained from 4 and 7 8 fraction minus 3 and 3 4 is 9/8.

How do you make a negative fraction to a decimal?

You convert the fraction do decimal exactly as you would a positive fraction. Then you stick a minus sign in front.

What if the problem is a fraction with a negative exponent?

Flip the fraction top-to-bottom, and delete the minus sign from the exponent.

What is 12 minus 1/3?

12 minus 1/3 equals 11 and 2/3.

How do you subtract a smaller fraction by a bigger fraction?

You can subtract the bigger fraction by the smaller fraction and then put a minus sign in front of the answer.

How do you convert a negative decimal to a fraction?

Convert the absolute value of the decimal to a fraction and then put a minus sign before it.

How to convert three and onetenth as a decimal?

Put the three as 3 and then add the 1/10 as 0.1. Answer is 3.1

What is the answer to the fraction five sixths minus one third?


What happens when you multiply a fraction by minus one?

The numerator changes sign.

What is the answer to the fraction nine tenths minus three quarters?

It is: 3/20

What is 14 minus 9.7 in a fraction?

14 - 9.7 = 4.3 = 43/10

What is eight minus two sevenths as a simple fraction?

fifty four sevenths

What is the answer to the fraction twenty-one minus eighteen and two thirds?


What is the fraction 9 over 15 minus 9 over 15?

The answer is 0.

What is the difference in fraction nine thirteenth minus two thirteenth?

It is 7/13.

What fraction is equivalent to 3-4?


What is the fraction one whole and five eighths minus three quarters?

Seven eights

What is the answer to the fraction three and one fourth minus two and one half?

It is: 3/4

What is half of a quarter inch minus one inch in fraction form?