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8 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 8/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any

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Q: What is the fraction of the whole number 8?
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How to solve a whole number minus a fraction?

You can convert a whole number to an equivalent fraction by multiplying it by the denominator of the fraction you're subtracting 5 - 3/8 = 40/8 - 3/8 = 37/8 = 4 and 5/8

What is 15 over 8 in whole number?

15/8 is a fraction. The nearest whole number is 2.

When you divide a whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 explain how you find the quotient?

You simply multiply the whole number by the denominator. A whole number divided by a fraction is the whole number times the inverse of the fraction. For example, 8 divided by 1/4 is 8 times 4 = 32.

What would the whole number 8 would be as a fraction?


What whole number is equal to 1 over 8?

There is no "whole number" that's equal to a fully reduced fraction..1/8 = .125 which is not a whole number.

What fraction is 8?

8 over 1 is equivalent to 8 because every whole number is over 1 as a fraction.

Is 8.33333333333 a whole number?

No it is not a whole number

What is the mixed number or whole number of improper fraction 25 8?

3 and 1/8

What is the fraction for 8?

Anytime you want to turn a whole number into a fraction, simply place it over 1. Thus 8 as a fraction is 8/1.

What is 5 over 8 as a whole number?

5 over 8 can't be a whole number, as it is a fraction, a part of the whole.Slice a pie into 8 pieces. Each piece is an 8th of the whole pie. Only when the pie is whole can it be said to be a whole number - which would be 8. Remove a slice and the pie becomes a fraction.

What fraction equals 8 the whole number?


How do you show a whole number as a fraction?

you put the whole number over one like this 8/1