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There is no "whole number" that's equal to a fully reduced fraction..
1/8 = .125 which is not a whole number.

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Q: What whole number is equal to 1 over 8?
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How do you turn3 over 4 into a whole number?

multipy 3/4 by 4/3 to equal a whole number = 1.

What whole number is equal to 1 over 4?

None is. That's a fraction that's between whole numbers.

Is 4 over 8 equal to a whole number?

No, it is a fraction of a whole number. 4/8 is the same as one half or 1/2.

What is the whole number of one over eight?

One over eight is 1/8, which is a fraction equal to 0.125

What is a whole number 1 over 3?

1 over 3 is not a whole number.

Does 6 over 6 equal a whole?

yes it dose equal 1 whole

What is 9 over 4 as a mixed number or whole number?

9/4 is equal to the mixed number 2 1/4

What is greater 1 over 5 or 1.29?

1.29, because 1 over 5 is a fraction equal to .20 and 1.29 has a whole number in it.

What is an equivalent fraction for each whole number?

Any whole number can be converted to a fraction by putting it over 1.

What is 7 over 7 as a whole number?

1. any number over itself equals one, so even 10000000000 over 10000000000 would still equal 1.

How many tenths equal 1 whole number?

I am translating this question to "How many tenths equal 1?" The answer would be 10/10 equal 1, because any number over its self equals 1! Hope this helped. :)

How do you make a whole number into a fraction?

to make a whole number into a fraction all you have to do is make it whatever the whole number is over one ex: 2 is your whole number, to make it a fraction simply put it over one. when you say it, you can say 2 over 1, 2 firsts, or 2 divided by 1. 2 divided by one does equal 2, your starting whole number.

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