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As a fraction 10.0787 is 100787/10000

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Q: What is the fraction off 10.0787?
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How do you take a fraction off from a price?

-- Multiply the fraction by the full price. -- Subtract the result from the full price. The difference is the discounted price.

How do you change 0.081 as a fraction in simplest form?

10% off 0.108

What is the fraction if solar radiation that is reflect off a particular surface called?

There is no special name. The fraction of sunlight which is reflected will be different from the fraction of other light. The reflectivity of a surface varies with the wavelength of the incident light.

0.7011 as a fraction?

7,011/10,000 or, if you will accept rounding off: 7/10

What is 8 months expressed as a fraction of a year?

It is 8/12 off a year.

How do you find a fraction third off 36.87?

1/3 * 36.87 is 12.29.

Which fraction is bigger 7out of 8 or 17out of 20?

7 out off 8..

What is 0.009 repeating converted into a fraction?

It's converted into a fraction because since it repeats, if you round it or cut it off after a certain point, it doesn't have the same value.

How do you estimate a fraction in math?

You round it off to either 0, 1/2, or 1.

How do you divide fractions when the denominator is not the same?

You don't need like denominators in order to divide. To divide the first fraction by the second fraction: -- Draw a new fraction line off to the side, for the answer. -- Invert the second fraction. -- Multiply their numerators; write the product on top of the new fraction. -- Multiply their denominators; write the product on the bottom of the new fraction. -- The "new fraction" is equal to the first one divided by the original (unflipped)second one.

How do you round off decimal fraction 0.18?

It depends on the degree to which it is rounded. To the nearest integer, it is 0.

What is the refund fraction for a 55 month loan that is paid off with 15 months remaining?