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6/17 is in its lowest terms.

2/8 = 1/4

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Q: What is the fractions 6and17 and 2and8 in lowest terms?
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What is 588196 in lowest terms in fractions?

It is already in lowest terms.

What is 2160 in the lowest terms?

Only fractions can be in lowest terms. Since 2160 is a whole number, it is already in lowest terms.

What is the lowest term in fractions for 57 over 100?

simple it is already in its lowest terms.

What does the word reduce fractions mean in math?

It means to reduce fractions to their lowest terms as for example 4/8 = 1/2 in its lowest terms

What is the proper way to express fractions?

In their lowest terms

What is 1.125 in a lowest terms fractions?


What is the fractions 617 28 in lowest terms?


What is lowest terms for eighteen thirtyfiths in fractions?

18/35 is the lowest term.

What does 0.55 equal in fractions?

It is 11/20 in its lowest terms

Write fractions in lowest terms?

67% = 67/100

How do you determine if two fractions are equal?

By reducing them to their lowest terms

What is the term called for simplest form for fractions?

The term for the simplest form for fractions is "lowest terms". If the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator is 1, then the fraction is in lowest terms.

How do you write 165 and 143 in lowest terms?

Fractions have lowest terms, but integers (whole numbers) don't.

Why do you use lowest terms in fractions?

Because it is much easier to do further calculations when you have smaller fractions.

what is lowest terms of 3696?

Fractions have lowest terms. Integers (whole numbers) and decimals don't.

How do you use a greatest common factor?

When reducing fractions to their lowest terms.

14 percent as fractions reduced to lowest terms?


What is 0.025 as fractions?

It is: 0.025 = 1/40 as a fraction in its lowest terms

What you do when you multiplying fractions it is often necessary to the result to lowest terms?


What is 16.5 equal to in fractions?

It is: 16.5 = 33/2 in its lowest terms

What is 0.050 in fractions?

It is: 0.050 = 1/20 as a fraction in its lowest terms

What is equivalent to 5.4 in fractions?

It is: 5.4 = 27/5 in its lowest terms

When will you need to find the multiples and factors?

When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators and when reducing fractions to their lowest terms

What is the lowest terms of 24?

Fractions and ratios sometimes need to be reduced to lower terms. Numbers never do. In fact, "lowest terms" is meaningless when you're talking about a number.

Why is greatest common factor important?

In order to reduce fractions to their lowest terms