What is the function of whisking?

Updated: 9/17/2019
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A whisk is used to mix things. Because of its open structure it helps to incorporate air into the food.

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Q: What is the function of whisking?
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What is the function of a wire whisk in baking?

To 'aerate' the mixture. Whisking introduces air into whatever you're mixing - making it lighter in texture.

What are examples of cakes made by the whisking method?

a swiss roll uses the whisking method

What is whisking and beating?

whisking is to just make it finer or more liquidy. beating is to make it thicker.

What is the definition for whisking method?

Whisking method is when you whisk fat and eggs together and incorporate air until it is thick and foamy

Can you get a recipe for cake using whisking method?

One may find a recipe for cake using whisking methods on the AllRecipies site. One also might be able to find whisking cake methods in cookbooks at a local library.

What is the whisking method used for?

Baking and cooking

What cakes for whisking method?

swiss roll

What is Whisking method in cooking?

Whisking means to stir rapidly with a utensil made of looped wires (a whisk). This beats air into the dish and makes it lighter.

Is the whisking method for cake making easier?

The whisking method is not necessarily more easy or difficult than other methods of mixing cake batter. The primary consideration is whether whisking or some other method is most appropriate for the type of cake being made.

What are the release dates for The Daily Orbit - 2012 Whisking for the Blind 1-52?

The Daily Orbit - 2012 Whisking for the Blind 1-52 was released on: USA: 7 November 2012

What recipes use the whisking method?

Well, Swiss roll does, and chocolate roulade? is this is any help? I'm trying to find some recipies that uses the whisking method too! bare hard.

What are the basic ingredients for whisking a cake?

A bowl, a whisk, a cake mix and an arm