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This function is an exponential function. Since a, b, and c are constants, it is simply a constant number raised to a variable power. A simple version of this would be:


For this example, a or b can equal 2 while the other equals 1, and c=1.

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Q: What is the function with structure y equals ab to the power of cx where a b and c are constants called?
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What is a function of the form y equals mx plus b where m and b are constants?

It is the equation of a straight line

What is a built-in mathematical formula such as equals Sum or Average called?


What is the graph of y equals x cubed called?

A cubic function.

Write the function in form Upper Q equals a b Superscript t Baseline Number and Give the values of the constants a and b Baseline Number for Q equals 8 times 2 Superscript t times 7 Superscript t?

a = 8, b = 14.

What is this type of function called y equals mx to the power of -b?

Assuming that b > 0, it is an inverse power function or an inverse exponential function.

How do you declare a constant using PHP?

Outside of a class definition, constants can be declared with the define function. The function has two arguments; the name of the constant (a string), and the value of the constant (any variable type).Inside a class definition, constants can be declared with the const keyword. Type the word const, the name of the constant in the form of how it will be called later, an "equals sign," then the desired value of the constant.In both cases, here is an example.

What will be the X in terms of a and b if Cos aX equals 1 plus bX and a and b are constants?

a = 0, b = 0.

What is the first step in solving the equation -4x - 16 equals 20?

Combine the constants on one side. -4x = 36

Is xy equals 4 a function?

yes. it is a function

Relation is a function y equals -8?

determine whether each relation is a function y equals -8

Can a function be defined as x equals a but not have a limit at x equals a?


What is the variable and constant in P equals 2W 2L?

'W' and 'L' are independent variables. 'P' is the dependent variable. '2' and '2' are the constants.