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Q: What is the general rule for multiplying a decimal by a negative integer power of A?
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What is the general rule for multiplying a decimal by a negative integer power of 10?

The decimal point is moved to the left by the value of the power.

Can a negative decimal be an integer?

an integer won't have any decimal point

Is a negative decimal an integer?


Is a decimal a positive integer?

A decimal is not an integer. However a number with a decimal component can be either positive or negative

What are not integers?

A decimal or fraction is not an integer. An integer is a positive or negative whole number. Meaning that a positive or negative fraction or decimal is not an integer.yes by what the paper says

How do you get an integer?

An integer is a number that can be either positive or negative and has no numbers after the decimal point.

Are decimals positive integers or negative integers?

A decimal can be a positive integer or a negative integer or neither of the above. For example: 26.0 is a positive integer. -52.0 is a negative integer. 26.2 is not an integer at all. 0.0 is an integer, but is neither positive nor negative.

What is the product of multiplying seven negative integers?

It is a negative integer. Its value will depend on the seven integers that you start with.

What is the number with no fraction or decimal that can be positive and negative?

It is an integer.

Is a negative number with a decimal an integer?

No, if the decimal contains any number other than zero.

What is the rules for multiplication integers?

When multiplying integers, multiplying by the same sign will always produce a positive integer. Such as a negative times a negative equals a positive. If the signs are different then the product will be a negative.

Why does multiplying a negative and a negative integer equal a positive?

Fundamentally, it's because by removing problems you make things better.