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It is an integer.

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Q: What is the number with no fraction or decimal that can be positive and negative?
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You Can be a positive number a negative number or a zero but never a decimal or fraction?

i can be a negative number a negative number or a zero but i am never a decimal or fraction

What are not integers?

A decimal or fraction is not an integer. An integer is a positive or negative whole number. Meaning that a positive or negative fraction or decimal is not an integer.yes by what the paper says

You can be a positive number a negative number or a zero but you are never a decimal or a fraction you are a?

That's an integer.

Can a decimal be a positive number?

A decimal can be a positive or negative number.

When you multiply an positive number by negative exponet is the answer negative or positive?

The answer is normally a positive fraction or decimal as for example 4^-2 = 1/16 or 0.0625

Can some whole numbers be negative?

Yes. A whole number is a number negative or positive from 1 to infinity as long as it is not a fraction or decimal number.

What is the description of whole numbers?

whole numbers are any positive or negative number that does not have a fraction or decimal point

How do you convert a negative mixed number into a decimal?

If you know how to turn a mixed number into a fraction and a fraction into a decimal do that then make it negative.

What kind of number is -23.8?

a negative decimal number, a rational number, a nice number

What is the definition of a counting number it cannot be a fraction decimal percentage or negative number?

A positive integer.

How do you change a negative number into a decimal?

You divide the negative number by a positive number for it to stay positive. And you divide the negative number by a negative number for it to become positive.

Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.