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The answer depends on whether you are the lender or the borrower and also in the country that you get the mortgage in.

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Q: What is the good interest rate on an mortgage loan is what percent?
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How much is a 6 percent interest on a loan is that a good rate?

$60 of your loan

What is the current interest rate being offered by Chase Mortgage for a home loan?

Interest rates have now been placed at 2.63 percent

What is a fixed rate mortgage?

A fixed rate mortgage is a loan with an interest rate that does not change over time. Whatever the interest rate is when the loan is taken out, will be the interest rate for the entire duration of the loan.

How much interest is added on to a mortgage loan?

There is no one way to determine how much interest will be added to a mortgage loan without knowing the specifics of the loan. The amount of interest could be as low as 2.7% or 5% or more. The bank, type of mortgage and credit history can all play a part in the interest rate.

What Factors Determine Mortgage Rates?

You may be wondering what factors determine the interest rate for a given mortgage. Why does one borrower have to pay 5 percent interest on their loan while another borrower may only have to pay 4 percent interest? Here are a few factors that determine the interest rate on a mortgage.How Long Is The Loan Term?A 15 year mortgage will generally have a lower interest rate than a 30 year mortgage because there is less of a risk that a borrower will default on the loan. However, the overall monthly payment on a 30 year mortgage is going to be lower because the cost of the loan is spread out over a higher number of payments.Is The Loan Fixed Or Variable?A fixed loan almost always comes with a lower interest rate than a variable loan. This is because a variable loan responds to changes in the housing market. For example, a loan today may carry an interest rate of close to 4 percent. However, interest rates will surely rise in the future. If you have a variable loan, your interest rate could rise as high as 10 percent at one point. Variable loans also come with higher interest rates because they are usually given to people with bad or no credit.How Strong Is The Housing Market?The relative strength of the housing market and the overall economy will help determine the interest rates for a mortgage. In a strong economy and housing market, a mortgage will have a higher interest rate. In a weak economy and housing market, a mortgage will have a lower interest rate. The lower interest rate in a weak economy is used as an incentive for borrowers to apply for loans.Homeowners or those applying for a mortgage now can always choose to refinance their loan in the future. Therefore, if you get a bad deal now, you can always apply for a new loan in the future to take advantage of lower interest rates or an improvement in your credit score.

What are good interest rates for bank loans in 2013?

What qualifies as a good interest rate depends on the loan. There are car loans, mortgage loans, home equity loans and personal loans. The interest rate for each loan differ.

What is the purpose of a house mortgage rate?

A mortgage rate refers to the percent of interest one will have to pay on a home loan. A lot factors into how high or low this rate is, including applicant's credit history, when the loan is applied for, which institution issues the loan and so on.

What is the average interest for lowest refinance mortgage rate?

The average interest for the lowest refinancing mortgage rate depends on the company and how long one has been paying the loan and the value of what is left. An example is one to four percent interest rate.

How is interest from a mortgage taxed?

If you received interest from a mortgage loan you made, it is treated as ordinary income. List it on Schedule B.

How can one obtain a no interest mortgage loan?

You may be able to obtain a no interest mortgage loan by visiting the Federal Housing Finance Agency website. The FHFA have been thinking about offering no interest only mortgage plans, which currently no company does.

What does an interest only loan mortgage accomplish?

An interest only loan mortgage accomplished a few things. These 'things' consist of a very small principle payment, or even just interest only payments.

What is the journal entry for mortgage loan in accounting books?

For a mortgage payment, the only amount that should be listed in the Mortgage Loan Payable section is the principal amount. Any interest that has accrued is reported as Interest Payable.

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