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stem and leaf plot

2013-04-16 14:38:10
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Q: What is the graph used to organize and display data so that the frequencies can be compared called?
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Frequencies to low for people to hear are called what?

"Subaudible" frequencies.

Sound waves with frequencies above 20000 Hz are called?

Ultrasonic frequencies.

The frequencies at which standing waves are made are called?

Resonant frequencies (the Earth's resonant frequencies were first discovered by Nikola Tesla)

Can A standing wave can only occur at natural frequencies?

A standing wave can occur only at specific frequencies that are called natural frequencies.

What are elecromagnetic waves with the highest frequencies called?

gamma rays. they have the shortesst wawvelengths and the highest frequencies.

All of the frequencies or wavelength called?

A spectrum.

Sounds with frequencies greater than 20 kHz are called?

sounds with frequencies greater than 20 khz are called 'Ultrasonic sound' or 'ultrasound'.

What is The separation of light into colors arranged by their frequencies called?

It is called the spectrum.

Why to have a filter before and after a low noise amplifier?

To cut off unwanted frequencies, unwanted frequencies are called noise.

What is the difference between infrasonic and ultrasonic?

Sound waves with frequencies below 20hertz are called infrasonic, while those with frequencies above20000 hertz are called ultrasonic

What are sound waves with frequencies above the normal human range of hearing called?

Sound waves with frequencies above the normal human range of hearing are called ultrasoundUltrasoundUltrasonic for frequencies higher than a human can hear, and infrasonic for those frequencies below the human threshold of hearing.

What are these people called that organize underground railroads?

They are called conductors.

Sounds with very high frequencies are called?


The situation in which allele frequencies remain constant is called?

It is called genetic equilibrium.

What is the term for a display of masterpieces in a museum?

This display is called an exhibit.

Display is sometimes called passive matrix display?

actually, the correct answer is: DSTN display is sometimes called passive matrix display. Pg. 376, A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC.

A television-like display device is called a?

a television- like display device is called a

Random change in allele frequencies in small populations is called?

This is called genetic drift.

What Display is sometimes called active matrix display?

A TFT monitor

What kind of display is sometimes called passive matrix display?


The electromagnetic waves with the highest frequencies are called?

The answer is gamma rays.

What are the relative frequencies shown by heights called?

Bar Graph

What are Frequencies too high for humans to hear called?


The electromagnetic waves that have the lowest frequencies are called?

Radio waves

The full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation is called?