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16 (because it would be the cube root of 16 cubed)

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Q: What is the height width length of a box if it is 16 cubed?
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How do you find the volume of a box?

Length x width x height = ______ centimeters cubed.

What is the height of a box of staples if it is 6 cm in length and 7 cm in width and has a volume of 378 cm cubed?

volume = length x width x height height = volume / (length x width) height = 378 cm3 / (6cm x 7cm) = 9 cm

What is the height if a box of staples is 6cm in length 7cm in width 378 cm cubed in volume?

9 cm

How do you find height with length width and volume?

Volume = width x length x height Width = Volume / length / height So if you had a box with volume 60cm (cubed), height 4cm, and length 5cm, the width would be 60/5/4 = 3 (60/5 = 12 then 12/4=3 - so the width would be 3cm)

How do you find the dimension of a box?

Length multiplied by the height multiplied by the width Example: Box#1 Width 2cm Height4cm Length6cm 2*4*6=8*6 or 48cm cubed

How do you do length x width x height meters?

This is to work out volume. If you had a box with: length= 5m width= 3m height= 7m All you would have to do is 5x3x7 which equals 105. So the answer is 105m³. formula: b x h To find the base (b) you must multiply the length with the width. Times by the height (h) and the answer will be cubed.

Dimensions of a kleenex box?

The dimensions of a Kleenex box are length, width and height. The volume of the box is equivalent to length times width times height.

Surface area of a box?

Double [ (length x width) + (length x height) + (width x height) ]

Which is length width height?

They can be the dimensions for example of a box

What is the total surface of the box?

It's double the sum of (length x width) + (length x height) + width x height).

When the height of a box shaped object is multiplied by its width and lenght its volume is found?

That is correct. Volume is height x length x width.

What is the volume of a box that has a length of 10 inches width of 8 inches and height of 4 inches?

10 x 8 x 4 = 320 inches cubed