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volume = length x width x height

height = volume / (length x width)

height = 378 cm3 / (6cm x 7cm)

= 9 cm

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Q: What is the height of a box of staples if it is 6 cm in length and 7 cm in width and has a volume of 378 cm cubed?
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What is the height if a box of staples is 6cm in length 7cm in width 378 cm cubed in volume?

9 cm

Why is volume measured in cubed units?

Volume measures three dimensions: length, width, and height.

Why are there cubed units on volume?

Because you multiply 3 different terms for volume: length, width, and height

How do you find the volume of a box?

Length x width x height = ______ centimeters cubed.

How many millimeters are in a mililiter?

You cannot directly compare volume and length. Volume is 3 dimensional length, i.e. length by width by height. If you happened to mean millimetres cubed, there are 1000 mm cubed in a millilitre.

What is the real definition of volume in math is?

volume is defined as distance cubed, or length times width times height

What is the formula for Volume of rectangular and triangular prism?

for both of them its... volume=length times width time height and its always cubed.

What is a technique used to measure volume?

Meters cubed, centimeters cubed, liters, and milliliters

What is the cubed volume of a cylinder that has a radius of 10 centimeters and length 10 centimeters?

A cylinder with a radius of 10 cm and a height of 10 cm has a volume of 3,141.59 cubed cm.

What is the volume of an object 28cms in length 22cm breadth and 1 cm height?

616 cubed centimeters.

What is the height of a rectangle prism with length of 4in and width of 6in and the volume is 120 in cubed?

5 inches.

How do you find height with length width and volume?

Volume = width x length x height Width = Volume / length / height So if you had a box with volume 60cm (cubed), height 4cm, and length 5cm, the width would be 60/5/4 = 3 (60/5 = 12 then 12/4=3 - so the width would be 3cm)

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