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The x-axis

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Q: What is the horizontal axis of a Cartesian coordinate system called?
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In the cartesian coordinate system the x axis is?

Horizontal axis.

In a Cartesian coordinate system the horizontal axis is called the x axis and the axis is called the y axis?


What do you call the combination of horizontal and vertical axis?

The combination of a horizontal axis and a vertical axis is called a Cartesian coordinate system, or in short, a graph.

What is the x-coordinate of a Cartesian coordinate system called?

It is the abscissa.

What is abscissa in math?

The word abscissa can either refer the horizontal axis (the x-axis) in a cartesian coordinate system or the actual coordinate plotted on the horizontal axis.

Why is the cartesian coordinate system called the cartesian coordinate system?

It was invented by rene desCARTES and therefore named after him. It was named after him from his latin name, Renatus Cartesius.

Who discovered cartesian coordinate system?

The Cartesian Coordinate System was discovered by Rene Descartes.

The number fom the cartesian coordinate system are called?

They are the coordinates.

What is the cartesian coordinate system used for?

Cartesian coordinate system is used for map making, GPA for cars.

The vertical axis in a Cartesian coordinate system?

The z axis in the vertical axis in the Cartesian Coordinate System.

What are the number lines that form the Cartesian coordinate system are called?

The axes.

What are the number lines called in the Cartesian coordinate system?

None ya