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This is how we separate a 3 digit number into different sections.

For Example: If we have the number 125, The "1" would be the hundreds place in the number, the "2" would be in the tens place in the number, and the "5" would be in the ones place in the number.

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മനുഷ്യ ശരീരത്തിൽ വളരാത്ത അവയവം ഇതാണ് കണ്ണ്

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Q: What is the hundreds tens and ones place?
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You are a four digit number your ones is twice your tens your hundreds is five less than your ones your thousands place is the sum of your tens and hundreds what number are you?

There is no four digit number where the ones is twice the tens, the hundreds is five less than the ones, and the thousands is the sum of the tens and hundreds. int ones, tens, hundreds, thousands; for (thousands=1; thousands<10; thousands++) { /**/ for (hundreds=0; hundreds<10; hundreds++) { /**/ /**/ for (tens=0; tens<10; tens++) { /**/ /**/ /**/ for (ones=0; ones<10; ones++) { /**/ /**/ /**/ /**/ if (ones != 2 * tens) break; /**/ /**/ /**/ /**/ if (hundreds != ones - 5) break; /**/ /**/ /**/ /**/ if (thousands != tens + hundreds) break; /**/ /**/ /**/ /**/ printf ("dd\n", thousands, hundreds, tens, ones); /**/ /**/ /**/ } /**/ /**/ } /**/ } }

What is the digit in the ones place in 123.00?

3 is in the ones place. 2 is in the tens place. 1 is in the hundreds place.

What number represents the digit in the tens place of the number 328?

3 is in the hundreds place2 is in the tens place8 is in the ones place

What place is the 8 in 8.349?

i mean ones,tens,hundreds or thousands

How do you round 163 to the ones decimal place?

You cannot round a number with a place value larger than the place value you seek to round it to. i.e. You cannot round thousands to hundreds, hundreds to tens, tens to ones, etc.

6 hundreds + 6 tens + 14 ones?


What is the tens place of 115?

the second one .... first # = hundreds second # = tens third # = ones

What is 6 hundreds 14 tens 4 ones?

what is 6 hundreds 14 tens 4 ones

How do you use a grid to subtract 1.65 minus 0.98?

Is that you look at the 1 and it is on the hundreds place and you look at the 6 and its on the tens place and the 5 is in the ones placed a to 0.98 is that the 9 is in the tens place and the 8 is in the ones place

What number is in the tens place in the number 738?

3 because right to left is ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

Where is the thousands place in math?

the thousands place in math is1000^thousands place^ hundreds place^tens place^ ones place

What number has 5 tens 4 ones and 2 hundreds?

254 - has 2 hundreds, 5 tens, and 4 ones

What number has 8 hundreds 4 fewer tens than hundreds and 5 more ones than tens?

849 has 8 hundreds, 4 fewer tens than hundreds, and 5 more ones than tens.

What number has 9 hundreds 3 fewer tens than hundreds and 3 more ones than tens?

what number has 9 hundreds, 2 fewer tens than hundreds, and 2 fewer ones than hundreds

What dose place value mean?

Where a digit in a number is located such as ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

What is the hundred thousands place?

hundred thousands,ten thousands,thousands,hundreds,tens,ones

How does a place value chart show the value of a number?

it shows thousands hundreds tens and ones

Do you round a number to the ones or tens or hundreds place?

Well it depends on what math problem your doing.

How many hundreds tens and ones are there in 5420?

In 5420, you have:5 x thousand; 4 x hundred; 2 x tens; zero x ones (the American ones in math is known as units in British maths!).

19 thousands + 46 hundreds + 32 tens + 57 ones?


What number has 5 hundreds 3 tens and 2 ones?

That is basically asking what number goes 5-3-2. This is because 5 hundreds means 5 in the hundreds place, or 500. 3 tens is just saying 3 in the tens place, or 30. And 2 in the ones place is just says 2. Add them all together... 500+30+2=532

A picture of the tens place?

Lets say we have the number: 1,476. The tens place of this number would be the "7". Followed the "7" is the "6" which is the ones place and the "4" would be the hundreds place and so on.

What comes after the ones?

tens come after ones then hundreds then thousands

a 1 in the tens place related to a 1 in the ones place?

1 in the tens place = 10 1 in ones place = 1

How do you round 350 to the nearest hundred?

350 rounded to nearest hundred is 400. After it is rounded, everything to the right of the hundreds place is set to zero. For the number 350, 3 is the hundreds place, 5 is the tens place, and 0 is the ones place. Since you are rounding to hundreds, look at the tens place digit: if it is 0-4, then hundreds digit is unchanged, but if it is 5-9 (like your question), then it rounds up, so you zero out the tens and ones digits then add 100 to that number.