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that's a hard question but i would say 30

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Q: What is the ideal speed - revolutions per minute - for a perform to turn in a blow mould oven?
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What factors affect bread mold?

Your bread will mould quicker if it is in warm, dark, moist conditions and over time as its ideal for bateria growth.

What types of mould are there?

injection mould blow mould extrusion mould Comprssing mould

What is the mass of metal cast into a mold and ready for recasting?

A mass of metal cast into a mould is called either an ingot mould or a cold mould. the one that is ready for recasting is usually the ingot mould. A cold mould is one that has been cast on design that maintains its mould.

What is the ideal relative humidity for a basement in Ohio?

For any interiors the ideal relative humidity is between 30% to 50%. More than 50% causes growth of bacteria/fungi/mould. Less than 30% will cause health problems skin cracks other health issues.

What are the benefits of mould?

mould is helpful

Is a mould a fungi?

Is a mould a fungi

How do you use mould in a sentence?

'She poured wax into the mould' 'The bread was covered in mould'

What is the homophone for mould?

mold is homophone for mould.

Why does Mould grow?

Mould grow because of the condition.

Is a mould a plant?

Mould is a fungal growth caused by dampness

Is bread mould edible?

i think it is not edible because it has mould on it

What are the condition that promote the growth of mold on bread?

mould mould and more mould

What is a mould?

Mould is a kind of bacteria, that grows on damp places, take bread for example, it's the most common breeding ground for mould.

What mould is in penicillin?

The green-blue mould is Penicillium

What does bread mould eat?

Mould is actually bacteria that are eating the bread.

What is mould?

Mould is a living organism that spreads with spores. Some types of mould can be poisonous and harmful. mold is a living thing that in the middle of the night will stock you

When does brie cheese go bad?

When it gets lots and lots of food on the outside, though the outside of cheese is made out of mould the mould I am taking about is Brown-green yucky mould

What is the difference between black mold and regular mold?

It is important to understand that the term "toxic mould" is a recent creation of the news media - there is no such thing as "toxic mould" per se, and similarly, there is no significance imparted to "black moulds." A pink mould may become black, a white mould may become black or a green mould may appear black. The whole concept of "toxic black mould" is essentially a myth.Not only are these descriptors created by recent news media, but scientifically, there is not even a clear classification for "mould" since any fungus exhibiting filamentous (hairy) extensions may be called a "mould." Therefore, an organism may be a "mould" at certain points in its life cycle, and not a mould at others. Indeed, it is possible for a single organism to be a mould, a yeast, and just a fungus, at different times in its life depending on its morphological state.

What is Bob Mould's birthday?

Bob Mould was born on October 16, 1960.

When was Bob Mould born?

Bob Mould was born on October 16, 1960.

Why plastics injection molds are so expensive?

Before making the mould, we need to do the product design and mould design, then according to the cliects' requirement, we need to prepare the mould steel, some steel is expensive, some is cheaper, it is depened on client. During making the mould, we need to tool the mould, which will costs lots of labour cost and tooling costs. if tyhe mould has some problem, we also need to modify it, is is also a rxtra cost.

How are corn thins made?

A measured amount of pre-mixed grain is dropped into a mould. The mould is heated and the grain pops due to the high temperature of the mould. The popping grain can not escape and it fuses together in the circular shape of the mould that it is contained in.

How molted metal changes into a solid?

As it cools it solidifies, So you can make a mould around a piece of metal, melt it into the mould and when it cools it would change back into a solid to the shape of the mould.

Why does mould grow on food?

Mould grows on food because the food is certainly gone bad. Letting the people know that's its gone bad it grows mould and also mould grows because that food may have been lying somewhere for a long time also mould grows when it lies in 1 place after a while there is no space left for the air so then the juice from that certain product goes all over the place in a certain time becoming ''mould''.

What is a principle of mould staining?

Mould staining can be wiped off by Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser.