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The inside of a circle is called its area.

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Q: What is the inside of a circle called?
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What is a circle inside a circle called?

Concentric Circles

What is a circle with an A inside it called?

Anarchy is Order:

What is the measure of space inside a circle called?


The point inside a circle that is the same distance from all the points on the circle?

That's called the center

What is the space inside of a circle called?

What is it called to circle around a point in space

What is the star with the circle around it called?

It is called the "Pentacle". This symbol is heavenly. It is a star with the star pointed up, inside a circle. On the other hand there is the "Pentagram". This Symbol is Demonic. It is a star that has it's point facing down and is inside a circle.

What do you called the region consisting of all points which are either on the circle or line inside the circle?

A circular region or a disk.

What is rising out of the saddle at a trot called?

This is called posting. When you are trotting your horse in a circle and posting to the trot you should be rising out of the saddle when your horses "inside" (meaning the foot that is inside the circle) front foot is behind and sitting when the foot is ahead. This is called the correct diagonal.

This describes the area inside the boundaries of a circle?

That is simply called its area.

What is the space inside a circle?

Circumference is the outside of the circle and the inside is the are of the circle. And inside of the circle, there is diameter and radius. Radius is from the center point to the edge of the circle and diameter is all the way across.

What is the inside measurement of a circle called?

It is its square area which is found by pi*radius squared

What does a triangle with circle inside mean?

Civil Defense Shelter Sorry, that would be a circle inside a triangle. The triangle inside the circle would be the Alcoholics Anonymous symbol.

What does a circle inside a triangle mean?

what does a triangle inside a circle mean.

What measure of the inside of a circle?

The longest measurement inside a circle is its diameter.

What The measurement of the inside of a circle?

The longest measurement inside a circle is its diameter.

If two chords intersect inside a circle the angles formed are called inscribed angles.?


If two chords intersect inside a circle are the angles formed called inscribed angles?


What of a circle connects its center to a point on the circle?

it becomes a circle inside another circle

Which continents reach inside the antarctic circle?

Only Antarctica reaches inside the antarctic circle.

What percent of a perimeter of the square is the circumference of a circle?

The answer depends on their relative size: is the circle inside the square, the square inside the circle or something else?

How do you find the area of a shaded circle and the area of an unshaded circle on that is inside the other circle?

To find the area of the circle pi*radius*squared and subtract the area of the figure inside

What is the name for the jashin symbol?

It's an upside down equilateral triangle inside a circle. It is called "scorpion flower"

Does a circle have an area?

A circle *encloses* an area, and the "area of a circle" is the area it encloses, πr^2. A circle is a 1-dimensional curved line; it is a set of points equidistant from a given point (the center), with that distance being the radius of the circle. This means the inside of the circle is not part of the circle (it's called a disk if you include the inside points).To find the area, multiply pi (π) by the radius squared (r^2), so you get πr^2.Yes, it does.

What does a circle inside a circle with three lines mean?

it means your on crack

What is the circle around the goal in lacross called?

This is called the crease, only the goalie is allowed inside. Or a player Can jump in but he can't touch the ground before he scores