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Q: What is the integer number for 345000?
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What is 345000 divided by 14?


What is 345000 in standard form?

3.45x10 5

Can 3.4 be an integer?

No, 3.4 is not an integer. It is a rational number and a real number, but not an integer.

How is a rational number that is not an integer different from a rational number that is an integer?

A rational number which is an integer can be simplified to a form in which the denominator is 1. That is not possible for a rational number which is not an integer.

Is 14.5 an integer?

The number 14.5 is a decimal and not an integer. An integer is any number which is a whole number.

Is every integer a rational number or is every rational number an integer?

Every integer is a rational number.

Is 78 an integer?

No, it is a decimal number.

Is it true that the sum of a negative integer and a positive integer is always positive?

It depends, if a number with positive integers is greater than the number with the negative integer therefore the sum will be in positive integer. And if the number with positive integer is less than the number with the number with negative integer then the sum will be in negative integer.

Is a negative number is an integer?

Unless the integer is fractional it is not an irrational number.

Is a decimal number an integer?

A decimal number is not an integer. An integer is a number that is not a fraction, and decimal numbers are decimal fractions.

Is 53.11 a integer?

No, an integer is a whole number, 53.11 is not a whole number. Thus, 53.11 is not an integer.

A number that is integer but not a whole number?

Any negative integer.