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Any negative integer.

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Q: A number that is integer but not a whole number?
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How can you divide an integer with an whole number?

An integer is a whole number.

What is bigger a whole number or an integer?

For any integer, there is a whole number that is bigger, and for any whole number, there is a integer that is bigger.

What is a whole number but not an integer?

There is no such number: every whole number is an integer.

Is 53.11 a integer?

No, an integer is a whole number, 53.11 is not a whole number. Thus, 53.11 is not an integer.

Is 5.4 a whole number or an integer?

A whole number is the same thing as an integer. 5.4 is a decimal number, so it is not a whole number or an integer.

What is an example of a number that is an integer but is not a whole number?

An integer and a whole number are the same, by definition.

Is a whole number also an integer?

Yes, a whole number is in fact an integer.... For an example, 4 is a whole number as well as a positive integer....

Is every whole number an integer?

Yes.Yes. The definition of integer is basically 'a whole number.'

Is it possible for a number to be a rational number that is not a integer but is a whole number?

No. An integer is the same as a whole number.

Is every whole number a integer?

yes However, integer is a representation of a whole number that does not use fractions or decimals. A floating point number may represent a whole number, but not be an integer. So 23 is a whole number, 23 is an integer, but 23.00 is a floating point number, not an integer.All integers are whole numbers

Integer that is not a whole number?

no, integer is 0 or positive / negative whole number

What x is an integer but not a whole number?

How about zero = 0 which is an integer but not a whole number

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