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U get a amount of 30.

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Q: What is the interest on 250.00 at 4 percent for three years?
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What is the future value of 25000 at 8 percent interest in 10 years?

Future value= 25000*(1.08)10 =53973.12

Find the accumulated value of an investment of 25000 for 7 years at an interest rate of 4 percent if the money is compounded semiannually?

25000 x (1.02)14 = 32976.97. For comparison, compounded annually would give 25000 x (1.04)7 = 32898.29, not a huge difference but worth having!

How long does it take a principal of RM 25000 at a simple interest rate of 5 percent to become RM 30000?

4 time periods (eg 4 years if the 5% simple interest were added each year). In simple interest, the interest is added, but attracts no interest itself (that is compound interest) - only the original value attracts the interest: 5% of RM 25000 = RM 1250 added each time RM 30000 - RM 25000 = RM 5000 RM 5000 ÷ RM 1250 = 4 time periods

How much will Pauline pay in interest if she takes out a simple interest loan with a principal of 3900 at 72 percent for three years?


Borrow 25000 and make monthly payments of 497.98 for five years what is the interest rate?


What is 4.5 percent times 25000 for 22years?

$149.35 per month for 22 years.

How much will you pay in interest if you take out a simple interest loan with a principal of 3900 at 7.2 percent for three years?


150 if invested for three years at a 9 percent interest rate?

$194.25 if interest is compounded annually. A little more if compounded quarterly, monthly, or daily.

Find compound interest on Rs800 for 3 years at an interest 8 percent compounded semiannually for three years Find the compound inte?

800 x (1.04)6 ie Rs1012.26

What is present value of 500 three years today at 5 percent interest compound annually?

If you're simply adding five percent onto the value at the end of each of the three years - the final value would be 578.8125

What is the interest on 600 at 12 percent for 2 years?

Simple interest: 144Compound interest: 152.64

How much have the interest rates on mortgages changed in the last five years?

Five years ago, the interest rates on mortgages was only at 0.5 percent. As of today, interest rate on mortgage soared to 2.5 percent. That is 500 percent increase for the past five years.

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