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Simple interest would be 360

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Q: What is the interest on 3000 at 12 percent?
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What is 12 percent interest of 3000 dollars?

12% of 3000 dollars = 3000*12/100 dollars = 360 dollars.

What percent of 3000 is 360?

360 is 12 percent of 3000

What is the simple interest of 3000 dollars invested at 7 percent for six months?

3000*(7/100)*(6/12) = 105 dollars

What is 12 percent of 3000?


What is the simple interest paid on 3000 pounds at 3.5 percent yearly after 5 years and how much if the interest was compounded showing work for both answers?

Simple interest of £3000 over 5 years: 3000*0.035*5 = £525 Compounded interest of £3000 over 5 years: 3000*(1.035)^5 -3000 = £563.06 rounded to the nearest penny

How much less interest is earned at 6 percent simple interest for 5 years on a 10000 investment than a 6 percent rate compounded daily for 5 years?


What is the principal balance if the principal plus interest at the end of 1 and a half years is 3360 at an annual interest rate of 8 percent?


What is the interest on 600 at 12 percent for 2 years?

Simple interest: 144Compound interest: 152.64

If you save 3000 at an interest rate of 14 percent per year how much will you have at the end of six years?

If the interest is compounded then you would have 6584.91

What is 16 percent interest rate on 3000 over a year?

That depends on exactly how the interest is calculated. If its calculated once per year the answer would be: 3000 * 16 = 48.000 / 100 = 480,- If your interest is calculated per month or per 3 months the interest is going to be slightly more.

How much interest can 100000 make you at 3 percent?

Express 3 percent as a decimal (0.03) and multiply by the original number =100000*0.03 =3000

What is 0.2 percent of 3000?

0.2 percent of 3000 = 60