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60 miles in 5 seconds equals 12 miles per second. 12 x 60 =720 miles per minute. 720 miles per minute x 60 minutes per hour = 43,200 miles per hour, which is not physically possible for any living creature (mach 56).

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Q: What is the kangaroo's velocity if he hops 60 miles to the east in 5 seconds?
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A kangaroo hops 60 meters to the east in 5 seconds what is the velocity?

12m/s east

What is an objects velocity?

Velocity is speed with a direction. For Example 30 Miles/hour East would be velocity.

A car travels 10 miles East in 30 minutes What is its velocity?

20 miles perhour heading east

A Kangaroo hops 60 m to the east in 5 seconds What is the kangaroo's velocity?

It's 60 divided by 5, Which is 12m/s east. Velocity is a vector for speed, since velocity has a direction and speed does not. Velocity has the SI units of meters per second. So you take the meters and divide by how many seconds to get your velocity.

What velocity vector will move you 200 miles east in 4 hours traveling at a constant speed?

Positive velocity will move you 200 miles east in 4 hours traveling at a constant speed.

The velocity of a car changes from 10 ms to the east to 30 ms to the east in 4 seconds What is the acceleration of the car?

Average acceleration = (amount of change in speed velocity) / (time for the change) = (30 - 10) / (4) = 5 meters per second2 to the east

What is the relationship between speed and velocity?

Velocity is speed and its direction.-- "30 miles per hour" is a speed-- "30 miles per hour north" is a velocity-- "30 miles per hour north" and "30 miles per hour east" are the same speed,but different velocities.

A car travels 4500m east in 5 seconds what is the cars average velocity?

900 m/s velocity=meters/sec v=4500/5=900

How do velocity and speed differ?

Velocity is a speed and its direction. -- "30 miles per hour" is a speed -- "30 miles per hour north" is a velocity -- "30 mph north" and "30 mph east" are equal speeds but different velocities.

What is the difference between the unit the speed and velocity?

Velocity tells the speed AND what direction it's in. -- "30 miles per hour" is a speed. -- "30 miles per hour north" is a velocity. -- "30 miles per hour east" and "30 miles per hour south" are the same speed but different velocities.

Beth walked to the school in 80 seconds from a position 100 m west of the school. What was her velocity?

1.3 m/s east

What is the velocity of a car?

The velocity of a car is the speed at which it is moving and also the direction in which it is travelling. It might be 55 miles per hour east, or 35 miles per hour southwest, or just about anything else like that.

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