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Average acceleration = (amount of change in speed velocity) / (time for the change) =

(30 - 10) / (4) = 5 meters per second2 to the east

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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

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Not enough information. You need the starting velocity, the ending velocity, and the time elapsed.

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Q: The velocity of a car changes from 10 ms to the east to 30 ms to the east in 4 seconds What is the acceleration of the car?
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A cars velocity changes from 20 m s to 50 m s 10 seconds later What is the cars average acceleration?

5 m/s2 east

Direction of an object's velocity changes uniformly frome east to north What is the direction of acceleration?

North-west. More specifically, as the object's velocity direction changes uniformly from east to north, the acceleration and force producing this acceleration are both constant and changing direction uniformly from north to west.

If a car travels along east and its velocity decreases what direction is the acceleration of the car?

It has negative acceleration east or positive acceleration west. West

How Can a body moving with certain velocity in the direction of east have acceleration in the direction of west?

Yes, it is possible. If a body is moving towards east with decreasing velocity, it has retardation or negative acceleration in opposite direction of velocity that is in the direction of west.

A kangaroo hops 60 meters to the east in 5 seconds what is the velocity?

12m/s east

Can a body moving with certain velocity in the direction of east have acceleration in the direction of west?


What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the car who is traveling along east with a constant velocity?

acceleration is the change in velocity by change in time (often meters/second/second). so, if a car was travelling 10m/s and ten seconds later, it is travelling 20m/s in the same direction, the acceleration would be (20m/s-10m/s)/10s=1m/s/s. with a constant velocity the change in velocity is zero (x m/s - x m/s)/y s=0m/s/s and acceleration is also zero.

A Kangaroo hops 60 m to the east in 5 seconds What is the kangaroo's velocity?

It's 60 divided by 5, Which is 12m/s east. Velocity is a vector for speed, since velocity has a direction and speed does not. Velocity has the SI units of meters per second. So you take the meters and divide by how many seconds to get your velocity.

Can an object have velocity and acceleration vectors that point in opposite directions?

Yes it can, and it's really easy. -- A stone tossed upward, before it peaks and starts falling, has upward velocity and downward acceleration. -- A car driving east and slowing for a stop-sign has eastward velocity and westward acceleration.

Is there a velocity to the eastern direction to an object which is having a acceleration to the west?

Yes, if it is already moving East but decelerating i.e. accelerating to the west. The other condition when there is velocity to the east while accelerating to the west is when it is moving at an angle to the East-West line.

Is acceleration and velocity always in the same direction?

If you accelerate an object in one direction the velocity is in the same direction; however if it alraedy had an itial velocity that may not be true. V = vo + at For example if moving with initial velocity to the East and accelerated to the west, it will slow down but still move east for a time

Can an object have east ward velocity if it has west ward acceleration?

Sure. That's exactly what happens every time you're driving east and you put on the brakes.

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