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Q: What is the lap average of a 6 minute 1500 meter run?
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How fast do you have to run to get a 7 minute mile?

For a 7 minute mile you will average 1 minute and 45 seconds per lap on a 400 meter track (four laps), although keep in mind your first lap should be a bit faster and each subsequent lap will almost certainly be slower than the ones before it, so you should try to get around 1:35 on your first lap, maybe? It all depends on your running style. You would have to run an average of 8.57 mph over the entire mile.

How many laps to swim 1.5 km in a 25 meter pool?

One lap is usually seen as there-and-back, so a lap is twice the length of the pool. So a lap in a 25 m pool is 50 m. 1.5 km is 1500 meters. 1500 / 50 = 30 It takes 30 laps in a 25 m pool to swim 1.5 km

How many laps of the pool do the athletes swim in the 1500 meter race?

each lap is 50m so its 30 laps if you add 2 more laps you got a mile witch is a 1600 meter swim

What is the 400 meter dash in track?

One lap

How many laps in a 25 meter pool equals 750 meters?

If you count a straight lap as a full lap, then 30. If you count a there-and-back lap as a full lap, then 15.

What is the 200 meter dash?

A sprint that is 200m(or half a lap).

When installing a minimum-length 15 meter lap pool in your home what is the absolute minimum width of the lap pool?


How many laps are there in a 3200 meter race?

If the lap is 1m then 3200. If the lap is 2 then 1600... ...I think you are getting the point.

What are the of 400 meter sprint?

one lap around the track field.

How many laps in 300 meter?

0.75 (One lap is 400m)

What is a lap?

a lap is a stretch of a m eg 100m or 25mA swimming lap is going down and back in a 25 meter pool

If 1 lap were 400m long then how many laps would 1500 be?


What is meter run?

a meter run is a run where you just run, it can be an 800 (2 laps) 400 (1 lap) 1600 (mile) 2400 (mile and a half) 100 (1/4 lap)

What is a pool lap?

A regular pool lap is 25 yards, or meters. In professional racing, such as the olympics, a 50 meter pool is used.

What is the Average time to swim a 25 meter lap in swimming pool?

depends im 12 and do back 20s breast 22s fly 18s front 18s

Laps in a 375 meter swim?

15 lap in a short course pool

How many laps is a 25 meter swim?

I am a swimmer and there is only 1 lap in a 25 meter swim. Just down, not back.

What is the regular time of swimming 1 lap at the Olympics?

1. minute and 13 seconds

How far around the track is the 400 meter?

1 lap (1/4 of a mile)

How do to calculate lap splits for a 1500 meter track race?

a standard track is 400M, so 1500M is 3 and 3/4 laps. world class men run the distance in under 3:45 which is 60s per lap. world class women run the distance in under 4:03 which is 65s per lap. 70s per lap would result in 4:22 75s per lap would result in 4:41 80s per lap would result in 5:00 90s per lap would result in 5:38 2 min. per lap would result in 7:30

How much does a lap giraffe cost?

$17,000 on average.

Jorge is training for cross country tryouts He runs laps around the school track every day for his training ending were he started He alternates between a fast lap and a slow lap He usually runs 1?

His average velocity is 1.5 laps per minute;APEX

400 meters equals how many times around a 400 meter track?

One lap

How many laps are in the 400 meter run?

Of an olympic track, just 1 lap exactly

Is a lap in an olympic size swimming pool just one length of the pool?

A lap in an Olympic size pool is down and back, it's just farther than doing a lap in a 25 meter pool. A lap in an Olympic pool is 100 M whereas a lap in a regular pool is 50 M.