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There is no such fraction. For any fraction, you can always find a fraction that is nearer to 1 - for example, the average of the fraction and one.

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Q: What is the largest fraction less than1?
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Why can't we convert a proper fraction to a mixed fraction?

because a proper fraction is less than1 and a mixed fraction is greater than 1

Can a mixed number ever be less than1?

No it cannot because it would then be a regular fraction. If you mean less than one as in decimals, than that is impossible because there can never be decimals in a fraction.

How much cups is 110ml?

More than1/3 but less than1/2 of a cup.

Current minimum wage in Ethiopia?

Less than1 dollar

How many cups in seven and a half oz?

less than1 cup

All probabilities are expressed as a number between the range of?

0- less than1

Is 4 feet and 8 inches greater or less than1 yard 2 feet and 1 inch?

less than

How can you tell just by looking at a fraction that it is greater than1?

If the top number is larger than the bottom number, it is greater than 1.

Is 05 milligrams less than1 milligram?

05 grams is 5 times larger than 1mg. If you meant 0.05, this is 20 times less.

What weights more 13oz or 1lb?

1pound weight more because 13 oz is less than1 pound

Is 3 feet less than1 meter?

yes 1 Meter = 3.28 ft 1 foot = 0.3048 m

Is the fraction with the largest numerator the largest fraction if the denominators are the same?


How many teens have diabetes?

more than1

The largest acute angle is?

an infinite fraction of a degree less than 90 or 90 minus 1/infinity

What is a fraction that is less than one?

A proper fraction is defined as a fraction that is less than one.

What does it mean to sing too flat?

singing flat is not quite hitting the note that you are suppose to be singing. you may be less than1/4 of a note away.

How many astronauts go to space?

more than1

Is 2 thirds bigger than1 half?


What fraction is less than 25?

7/8 is a fraction which is less than 25.

The square of a fraction less than one will always be?

... less than the original fraction.

What types surface produce less fraction?

what types of surface produce less fraction

Is the fraction with the larger numerator the largest fraction if the denominators are the same?


Is 4 over 12 greater or less then 1 half?

It is less. If you simplify 4/12 it is 1/3. 1/2 is bigger than 1/3 therefore, 1/3 is smaller than1/2.

Is every fraction less than 1?

No. Every proper fraction is less than 1, but improper fraction will be greater than 1.

What is a fraction that has a top number less than its bottom number?

A proper fraction is a fraction that has a top number less than its bottom number.