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The blue whale, alive today.

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Q: What is the largest mammal to have ever lived?
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What is the color of the largest mammal that ever lived?

The largest mammal that ever lived is the blue whale. It is bluish gray, darker on the top than on the bottom.

What is the largest land mammal to have ever lived in England?

cai crellin

Is the blue whale the largest mammal in the world?

The blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth. It is also the largest animal known to have ever lived. It is not, however, the largest organism, which is a disputed title between some plants and fungi.

What is the largest lining species of mammal?

It is the blue whale. This mammal is also the largest animal that has EVER lived in the history of Earth. Yes, These creatures are indeed larger than I any Dinosaur that ever lived!A blue whale has an average length of 80 feet and a weight of 120 tons!

Is whale shark the largest mammal in the world?

whale shark is not the largest mammal, but the whale is the largest mammal ever known.

What does the biggest mammal weigh?

The largest mammal on earth is the blue whale, which can weigh up to 200 tons, which makes it the heaviest known animal to have ever lived.

What is the largest prehistoric mammal ever?

The largest prehistoric mammal ever was the Indricotherium a prehistoric rhino like mammal the height of a modern giraffe and weighing 12 tons.

What is the Largest land mammal ever?


Is a blue whale a mammal?

Not only is the Blue whale a mammal it is the largest mammal and possibly the largest animal to ever inhabit the Earth.

What was the largest animal to ever roam the earth?

The indricothere was the largest mammal

What was the largest land mammal predator ever?

I don't know the one that ever exsisted but a polar bear is the largest land mammal that is still alive today!

What is the larges mammal that ever lived?

Blue whale........ DURHRHRHRHRH

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