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Q: What is the latest ratio of statutary liqidity ratio?
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What is current Statutory Liquidity Ratio of India as on 1st feb 2011?

statutary liquidity ration currnetly is 25%

What is the latest current ratio for FedEx?

Current Ratio (MRQ) is 1.57

What is the ratio of men to women?

The latest estimates (2014) are 1014 males to 1000 females.

Ratio of women to men in the US?

latest count in the US shows 'a slight predominance of females'

What is current cash reserve ratio and SLR ratio?

As on 19th aug, 09 CRR is 5% and SLR is 24% You can get the latest CRR and SLR from

What is the ratio of the Islamic population compared to the world?

It is 23% per the latest Pew Forum Study as of October 2009

If a female is 13 and her boyfriend is 16 or 17 and he gets her pregnant and she has an abortion is that consider statutary rape in Florida?


Male Female Ratio in Pakistan?

According to the latest Census done there are 51% female while 49% of the population is Male.

What is the rule about a 19 year old girl dating a 16 year old boy?

it would be considered statutary rape

What are the differences non statutory audit and statutory audit?

Statutory audits are reviews of a business or governments financial records as required by law. Non-statutory are audits not required by legal statute but needed because of some other reason. A non-statutory might be needed if some issue is brought to light such as an irregularity in the way business is being done or perhaps in the case where some type of intentional actions such as an incompetent accountant or even embezzlement was discovered, to find out the extent of the issue.

What is 2010 dependency ratio of the Philippines?

The latest value for Age dependency ratio (% of working-age population) in Philippines was 64.14 as of 2010. Over the past 50 years, the value for this indicator has fluctuated between 102.19 in 1964 and 64.14 in 2010.

What is the classification of labor Welfare?

There are three types of labour welfare, STATUTARY VOLUNTARY MUTUAL

What is the purposes of statutory audit?

Purpose of statutary audit is single point and that is to find out the "True and fair" nature of amounts presents in financial statements.

How many police men are in Bangladesh?

The latest info available is :As of December 2012, the strength of the Bangladesh Police is approximately 152,000. The police:population ratio in Bangladesh is 1:1133

What is the full form of 'SRO' used in kerala government orders for denoting amendments for rules?

Statutorily Running Order Statutary Rules Orders

What is a special audit?

Special audit is that audit which is conducted for specific agenda or scope or for any special reason other than normal statutary audit which is to find out about the true and fair nature of financial statements.

What is meant by security of tenure in domestic tenancies?

A statutary right of a tenant to continue in occupation of land/building after the contractual term has expired.

What is the age requirement for the new Tennessee open carry laws?

There is no statutary limit on age for open carry. BUT you must have a gun permit which has an age requirement of 21 years.

Is Canada day always on July 1?

Yes. Canada Day is on July 1. However the statutary holiday day off) may be the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

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