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7 x 6 = 42

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Q: What is the least common multiple of 7 and 6 showing work?
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What is the work of least common multiple of 15 and 6?

It is: 30

What is the common multiple of 120 and 149?

There are many common multiples of 120 and 149. A common multiple is simply a multiple of both numbers. The least common multiple is 120x149, since 149 is prime. (Note: this trick doesn't work on all pairs of number. Although the product is always a multiple, it's not the least common multiple.)

What is the least common multiple of 65 and 18?

The answer is 1,170. The reason? The only way to get the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of 65 and 18 is to multiple 65 and 18, since nothing else would work.

How do you work out the Highest Common Multiple?

There ain't no such animal! Highest goes with Common FACTORS; LEAST goes with Common Multiples.

How do you work out smallest number divisible by numbers 1 to 12?

Do The LCM Least Common Multiple

How does LCM work?

It's finding the least common multiple between two or more numbers.

What is the lcm of 75 and 105 show your work?

The least common multiple of 75 and 105 is 525.

What is the greatest common multiple of 9 and 27?

Common Multiples are multiples which are common to both numbers So Multiples of 9 are 9, 18, 27, 36 etc... Multiples of 27 are 27, 54, 81 etc... you can work out the least common multiple as 27 We can see that 9 is a factor of 27 so all multiples of 27 are a common multiple with 9. But as there is no upper limit we can not work out a greatest common multiple as they bigger they get the closer they get to infinity! You tend to work out Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple with regards numbers.

What is the lvm of 2529 and show you the work?

there can be no lvm (Logical Volume Manager) in 2529 which is a number! If you mean LCM (Least Common Multiple) it is not possible to give a sensible answer. The least common multiple refers to a multiple that is COMMON to two or more numbers. You have only one number in the question!

How do you figure the least common multiple of 4 and 7?

The least common multiple of 4 & 7???? so are you talking about the least common denominator? if so: I usually figure out the least common multiple of 2 numbers by just multiplying the two numbers together (IE. 7x11=77) but in your case it would be 4x7 so your answer is 28 Hope that helped!!!! Remember to show your work!!!

What is the least multiple of 40 and 50?

Least Common Multiple of 40 and 50 is 200 Work Shown: 40, 80, 120, 150 200 50, 100, 150, 200

What is the LCM of 2912?

At least two or more numbers must be given in order to work out their lowest common multiple

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