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Q: What is the letter sign for thousand?
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What is the sign for 1 thousand?


What are the values of Roman Numeral?

Iunus1A single digit.Vquinque5Graphic representation of five fingers.Xdecem10Symbolises two hands joined together.Lquinquaginta50Adapted from a Chalcidic sign.Ccentum100The first letter of the Roman word for one-hundred.Dquingenti500One half of the Chalcidic sign for one-thousand; .Mmille1,000The first letter of the Roman word for one-thousand.

Smallest number with the letter a?

One Thousand

Is the letter M used to indicate 250 thousand?

the letter "K" is used to express thousand not "M"

What comes in a minute once in a month but never in a thousand years?

The letter M !The letter "m" (month, moment, a thousand years)the letter "m"

Why did thousand of slaves sign on with the British army?

They thought they were fighting for there freedom

What is the roman numeral number sign for two thousand?


How do you sign a letter?

Signing a letter may seem simple but depending on the type of letter, the ending conveys your emotion, good will or professionalism. sign letter

When a bar is written over a letter the value of the letter is multiplied by?

a thousand

How else can you sign a letter other than 'love'?

You can sign the letter as "Yours", "Cheers", "take Care"

What is in a month a moment but not in a thousand years?

The letter m is in a month a moment but not in a thousand years.

How do you sign out on Habbo?

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