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one thousand.

Unless you count "one hundred and one" as including the letter a.

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Leaving aside "a hundred", it is one thousand.

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Q: What is the first whole number that contains the letter a?
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Does a whole number set contains 15?

Yes, 15 is a whole number.

Is 19.6 a whole number or a mixed number?

It contains whole number plus fraction of 1, so its a mixed number.

Why isn't 6.941 a whole number?

The number 6.941 contains digits following a decimal point, therefore it is not a whole number.

The set of integers contains whole number and their?


What contains a fraction and a whole number?

Mixed numbers contain whole numbers and fractions

What is it called when a number that contains both a fraction and a whole number?

It is a mixed fraction.

The first whole number is the number one?

Hey first try to be clear. What do you mean? The first whole number is 0.

What letter represents a whole number?

an integer

Is a collection of a whole number a set?

I assume you mean a set that contains a single whole number. Yes, you can have sets with zero elements, one element, two elements, etc.; so a set which contains a single number is perfectly valid.

What is the probability that a two digit whole number contains an 8?


What is the relationship between whole numbers integers natural numbers and rational numbers?

Whole numbers are usually defined as the number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6.... where "...." means it goes on forever. These are the natural numbers with the number 0 added to them. So the natural numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6...The integers are all the whole number and all the negatives of the natural numbers....-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4...So every whole number is an integer.Every natural number is an integer.Every integer is NOT a whole number. ( look at -2)Every integer is NOT a natural number. ( look at -3)The set of integers contains the set of natural numbers and contains the set of whole numbers.The set of whole numbers contains the set of natural numbers.

What number is the smallest whole number spelled with the letter a?

One thousand