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The letter b.

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Q: What is the letter used for the base length of a figure?
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What is the symbol of lambda?

Lambda is a Greek letter (uppercase Λ, lowercase λ) used in physics (particularly optics, electromagnetism and Spectroscopy). It is a figure used for wave length.

How is altitude used in geometry?

It can be used as a side length, which has many possibilities to figure with.

Is length shown on the bottom of a figure used in a presentation?

Often, but not always.

For a rectangle length and width are sometimes used in place of?

Base and height

What metric base unit is used to measure length?

The metre.

A figure is made from 8 unit blocks it is 3 units tall what is the maximum length the figure could be explain why?

The maximum length is 6, because 2 are used to give the figure height. Hope this helps!! :)

Meter is the base unit for the measurement of?

The meter is used to measure length.

What are meters and liters and kilograms used to measure?

it measure the length of time and space of a figure

What are the metric base units that is used for mass length and volume?

Mass: kilogram Length: meter Volume: cubic meter (this is not a base unit, since it is derived from the meter)

What unit is usually used to define the proportions of any individual figure?

The length of the head, from chin to top of skull, is the unit usually used to define the proportions of an individual figure.

What is the letter used for the area of a figure?

area is usually defined with a big A.

Why is the meter more useful for measuring the length and width of the classroom?

If you used millimeters, the figure would be too large. If you used kilometers, the figure would be too small. Meters are just right.

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