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The horizon is the name normally used. hyposinthnise

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Q: What is the line called where the sky and earth seem to meet?
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What the line where the earth and sky seem to meet?

the horizon

What do you call the line where the earth and sky seem to meet?

Horizon Line

What is a place where earth and sky seem to meet called?

A horizon and one can be seen from every point on Earth.

What do you call a place where the earth and sky seem to meet?

It is the horizon.

What line marks the spot of 0 degree Latitude?

There are 'spots' of zero latitude all around the Earth. If you draw enough of them on a map or globe, they blend together and seem to form a solid line, called the "equator".

What is the imaginary sphere on which all objects in the sky seem to be located?

The imaginary line around which the earth turns is its axis.

What are the different shapes of the moon seem from earth called?

The Moon's Phases (or Lunar Phases).

Who like the name James?

I don't particually, but after Twilight I seem to scream everytime I meet someone called James.

Why does the moon seem closer sometimes?

because theres a time when the moon is closer to the earth called perigee

When the path of winds and ocean current seem to curve because of the earth's rotation its called the?

The Coriolis effect

Where land and sky seem to meet?

The Horizon

What is a homophone for seem?

A homophone for seem is the word seam, as in a line of stitching.